Aspose.Cells for .NET 8.9.2 Release Notes

1) Aspose.Cells

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-44274 Support TTE font type while rendering spreadsheets to PDF New Feature 
CELLSNET-42277 Use private characters in PDF rendering Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44630 Numbers formatting (DateTime) lost when importing data from DataGrid (.NET) Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44626 Chart copied with CopyRows still reference the source worksheet in Chart Data Range Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44619 Convert Date String to Date Format Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44625 Colspan as 2 increases the HTML loading and conversion time drastically Performance
CELLSNET-44338 Performance degradation while rendering spreadsheets to PDF Performance
CELLSNET-44610 Bold attribute is lost while converting HTML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44609 Direction of contents is changed while converting HTML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44608 Borders are missing while converting HTML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44607 Cell shading is missing while converting HTML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44606 Contents are missing while converting HTML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44605 Improper conversion of HTML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44579 MHTML to XLS/XLSX is coming back as blank document Bug 
CELLSNET-44572 Issue with hyperlinks referencing a worksheet in the same document Bug 
CELLSNET-44617 SumProduct formula is not calculated correctly Bug 
CELLSNET-44604 Missed text after XLS to Pdf/A conversion Bug 
CELLSNET-44603 Vertical alignment issue with cell content touching the top border while rendering spreadsheets to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-44602 Horizontal alignment issue with values preceded by $ sign while rendering spreadsheets to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-42715 Lost fonts in the PDF  Bug 
CELLSNET-44637 Result of CalculateTextSize is always the default height if text in a TextBox contains new lines Bug 
CELLSNET-44635 Chart is not correct in the sample2.xlsx (Excel to PDF conversion) Bug 
CELLSNET-44634 Data Tables are not correct in the sample2.xlsx (Excel to PDF conversion)  Bug 
CELLSNET-44633 Data Tables are not correct in the sample1.xlsx (Excel to PDF conversion)  Bug 
CELLSNET-44623 Modified radar chart marker does not convert to PDF properly Bug 
CELLSNET-44601 Horizontal axis labels are missing in Chart to image rendering Bug 
CELLSNET-44570 Issue with WordArt shape’s formatting in the rendered PDF file Bug 
CELLSNET-44655 Alignment is not working inside a TextBox Bug 
CELLSNET-44646 File is corrupted (with hyperlink becomes normal text) after processed by Aspose.Cells APIs Bug 
CELLSNET-44639 Re-embedding the presentation slide in XLS results in presentation view upon double clicking Bug 
CELLSNET-44631 Excel error “Cannot start the source application for this object” after reinserting the OleObject of Bitmap type Bug 
CELLSNET-44629 Formula results in #REF error after copying the rows and calculating formulas Bug 
CELLSNET-44624 Date format not retained when saving as SpeadsheetML file  Bug 
CELLSNET-44618 Inserting range of cells causes background for some cells disappeared Bug 
CELLSNET-44614 Path issue with external data links for XLS spreadsheets Bug 
CELLSNET-44611 Resaving spreadsheet with custom theme causes error in Open XML SDK Bug 
CELLSNET-44649 Custom Calculation Engine causes the calculation happen only once Bug 
CELLSNET-44663 Error during opening an XLSB file Bug 
CELLSNET-44657 Conversion from HTML to XLSX in the resultant spreadsheet Bug 
CELLSNET-44648 Contents are missing while converting HTML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44647 Style is missing while converting HTML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44671 Impossible to make a TextBox fully transparent Bug 
CELLSNET-44662 Chart.Calculate() method messes up the chart Bug 
CELLSNET-44665 Series is missing while rendering chart to image Bug 
CELLSNET-44674 Ambiguous comments for the depreciated Shape.LineFormat & FillFormat properties Bug 
CELLSNET-44670 Default behaviour of adding TextBox to Worksheet has changed Bug 
CELLSNET-44661 OLELink changed (Word table imported in Excel) document still shows old values after Update Links Bug 
CELLSNET-44659 Colors are changed after loading and saving an XLS file Bug 
CELLSNET-44584 System.FormatException occurred when importing an HTML file Exception 
CELLSNET-44643 Exception thrown when opening the file Exception 
CELLSNET-44612 CellsException: Error in Cell: O93-Invalid formula while loading XLSM which was saved with Aspose.Cells Exception 
CELLSNET-44600 System.ArgumentException at Workbook.Save Exception 

2) Aspose.Cells Grid Suite

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-41833 Issue when using Percentage2 Number Format New Feature 
CELLSNET-44592 Vertical scroll bar appears for the container when height of the GridWeb is set to 100% Bug 
CELLSNET-44576 Cursor is not moving when ShowCellEditBox is set true Bug 
CELLSNET-44575 Merging cells second time is not working Bug 
CELLSNET-44555 Problem setting the value of a cell with percentage format Bug 
CELLSNET-44652 GridDesktop does not have evaluation limitations when used in WPF application Bug 
CELLSNET-44676 Implement or add comment inside the acwmain.js file to know its version number Bug 
CELLSNET-44656 Extra empty cell is inserted to the right of the first empty cell on pasting row Bug 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds CopyOptions.ReferToDestinationSheet property and Cells.CopyRows(Cells sourceCells, int sourceRowIndex, int destinationRowIndex, int rowNumber, CopyOptions copyOptions) method

Specifies whether to refer to destination worksheet (as a data source for the chart) while copying rows/range. When copying the range and the chart refers to the source sheet, False means the copied chart’s data source will not be changed. True means the copied chart’s data source refers to the destination sheet.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.FilePathProvider property

Gets or sets the IFilePathProvider for exporting Worksheet to html separately.

Adds IFilePathProvider interface

Represents the exported file path provider.

Adds FontConfigs class

Specifies font settings.

Adds FontSourceBase class

This is an abstract base class for the classes that allow the user to specify various font sources.

Adds FileFontSource class

Represents the single TrueType font file stored in the file system.

Adds FolderFontSource class

Represents the folder that contains TrueType font files.

Adds MemoryFontSource class

Represents the single TrueType font file stored in memory.

Adds FontSourceType enum

Specifies the type of a font source.

Adds CalculationOptions.Recursive property

Specifies whether calculate the dependent cells recursively when calculating one cell and it depends on other cells.

Obsoletes CellsHelper.FontDir property

Use FontConfigs.SetFontFolder(string, bool) method with folder recursive to false instead.

Obsoletes CellsHelper.FontDirs property

Use FontConfigs.SetFontFolders(string[], bool) method with folder recursive to false instead.

Obsoletes CellsHelper.FontFiles property

Use FontConfigs.SetFontSources(FontSourceBase[]) instead.

Obsoletes Shape.LineFormat property and adds Shape.Line property

Please use Shape.Line property instead.

Obsoletes Shape.FillFormat property and adds Shape.Fill property

Please use Shape.Fill property instead.

Obsoletes ShapeFormat class and Shape.Format property

Please directly use Shape.Fill and Shape.Line properties.

Obsoletes ShapeFont class and adds TextOptions class

Please use TextOptions class instead.

Adds TextOptions.Fill, TextOptions.Outline and TextOptions.Shadow properties

Represents the fill, outline and shadow of the text.

Obsoletes FontSetting.ShapeFont property and adds FontSetting.TextOptions property

Please use FontSetting.TextOptions property instead.