Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.7.1 Release Notes

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We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET 4.7.1!

What’s changed

l         Directly export excel files to pdf stream.

l         Apply Subtotals to worksheet tables.

l         Improve performance of encrypting and decrypting Excel 2007 file.

l         55 fixes and enhancements.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells 4.7.1

Issue ID Component Summary
7729 Chart2Image Chart Image does not look like underlying chart object
7938 Charts2Image Percentage sign not showing in pie chart
7981 Charts2Image Exported chart messed up
8114 Charts2Image Saving workbook with chart in HTML broken
8119 Charts2Image Using FillFormat.Pattern
8223 Charts2Image The Category X-Axis title is not being displayed
8113 HTML Html broken on worksheet name containing a space
8420 HTML HTML export format issue
7718 Pdf Supports hyperlink in directly converting cells to pdf
7723 Pdf Font problems with Aspose.Cells converting to PDF
7726 Pdf Cells 4.7.0 saving to PDF stream does not work
7727 Pdf Pdf file is too large
7730 Pdf Key has already been added to dictionary exception
7838 Pdf Excel to PDF produces corrupt pdf file
7978 Pdf Some Aspose.Cells save issues
7980 Pdf Differences in output
7728 SpreadML Index out of range
8116 SpreadML Bad SpreadsheetML when a sheet is deleted
8118 SpreadML Error when a PRINT_AREA exists
7381 Xls Method EndCellinRow for excel2007
7722 Xls Copy validations in copying range.
7731 Xls Date number format with current language specified
7732 Xls Saved Excel file is corrupt
7766 Xls Supports to calculate Large function
7891 Xls Supports to set the fuction CHOOSE
7892 Xls Set Precision as displayed is unchecked
7893 Xls The issue of Workbook.Open
7914 Xls Update Conditional formatting when inserting/deleting columns
7915 Xls The issue of converting cells to pdf
7939 Xls Print titles error after inserting/deleting columns
7979 Xls I in Cell return to ?
8018 Xls Cell.HtmlString Error
8019 Xls Formats lost after opening Excel file
8115 Xls End of stream reached opening 2003 xls
8117 Xls Save Performance Issue
8144 Xls Non-negative number required in Workbook.Open.
8190 Xls Supports WEEKDAY,WEEKNUM function
8224 Xls Getting absolute value of a range not working
8287 Xls Can open xls but xlsm has Invalid Formula error
8418 Xls Cell.PutValue cannot handle date without year
8421 Xls Lack of way to detect ranged name of the worksheet
8450 Xls Only export DataTable header
7614 Xlsx Save as an invalid Excel2007Xlsx file
7617 xlsx How to remove a pivot table?
7767 Xlsx Stream is closed after calling Workbook.Open
7808 Xlsx Works slowly in loading xlsx file.
7913 Xlsx Cannot open a XLSX file
7937 Xlsx Unreadable Content error in .xlsm file saved in Aspose
8143 Xlsx Problems with the PrintTitleRows feature
8254 Xlsx Background image from template missing.
8255 Xlsx Outline.SummaryRowBelow not saving in xlsx files?
8257 Xlsx what method SetFirstPageHeader do
8288 Xlsx Can’t get WorkSheet.CustomProperties to work
8419 Xlsx Unable read xlsx file
8449 Xlsx Workbook.IsProtected does not work in xlsm files.