Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.8.0 Release Notes

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We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.8.0.0!

What’s changed:

l Merge Aspose.Grid suite into Aspose.Cells

l Optimize the performance of Formula recalculations

l Improve the performance of inserting/deleting Rows/Columns

l Enhance the performance of Auto-fit Rows/Columns feature

l Add WordArt shapes to XLS file

l Read Gradient Fill effects for the Chart

l Create spreadsheets with First Page or Even/Odd Header/Footer attributes for Page Setup

l Support multiple Print Areas in Worksheet-to-Image feature

l Add Formula Calculation support for some new MS Excel built-in functions

l Set background image for a Chart type Worksheet

l Provide support for setting Image Options in Chart-to-Image and Worksheet-to-Image features

l 101 fixes and other enhancements

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.8.0.0

Issue ID Component Summary
8741 Chart2Image Chart2Image problems
8749 Chart2Image Charts not displaying in Excel PDF
9712 Chart2Image Supports grouped shape to image
9766 Chart2Image Getting zero values
8738 CSV Loading a csv file failed
8737 CSV Opening csv file seems to write to the console
8984 HTML Slow performance when saving workbook as HTML
7915 Pdf The issue of converting cells to pdf
8669 Pdf Excel to PDF Conversion Issue
8672 Pdf Difference in output when generating Excel file to Pdf file
8678 Pdf Cells To PDF, footer image is blurred
8749 Pdf Charts not displaying in Excel PDF
8986 Pdf Converting from Excel to PDF
8988 Pdf saving workbook as PDF broken
9608 Pdf XLS conversion problem (negative length?)
9609 Pdf Save to FileFormatType.Pdf with multithread implementation
9670 Pdf Excel2PDF with grouped shape issue
9761 Pdf Error when save as Aspose.Pdf.xml
9960 Pdf Layout and file size
10145 Pdf Throws System.OutOfMemory Exception
10146 Pdf Save FileFormatType.Pdf Very Bad Quality
8674 Sheet2Image Problem in Converting Sheet to Image
9613 Sheet2Image Merge Cell Printing Problem Error
9762 Sheet2Image Problems with printing Excel 2007 format
9061 Sheet2Image Splitting sheet to several images
9959 Sheet2Image Some Differences in the Printed/Saved Excel File
10142 Sheet2Image ImageOptions for Aspose.Cells
10144 Sheet2Image Sheet2image function
8589 SpreadML Spreadsheet XML encoding issue
8682 SpreadML Autofilter does not work when converting file to Excel2003
9138 SpreadML An error of opening and saving the file
9610 SpreadML Hide columns lose their width information
7916 Xls Update Freeze panes when inserting/deleting rows/columns
8588 Xls Problem with Calculating Array Formulas
8590 Xls Copying sheets
8604 Xls Problem with copying rows.
8668 Xls Problem with smart markers group with merge
8673 Xls Bug with SUMIF and calculating formula
8676 Xls Pie chart’s datalabels
8677 Xls Links are removed from my formula
8679 Xls 2 Bugs With Calculating Formula
8734 Xls Scatter chart: marker fill color
8736 Xls The bug of setting the add-in function.
8739 Xls Chart Line Color turning into black
8740 Xls Copying shapes in copying rows.
8863 Xls Back ground grid lines in Chart turns to black
8881 Xls Throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException when opening a file
8886 Xls Cells.ImportCustomObjects() throws NullReferenceException
8983 Xls Error in putting comments in a cell
8985 Xls Insert column problem
9085 Xls Cell.GetDisplayStyle() throws InvalidCastException
9135 Xls Ole Equation object causes the reading error
9136 Xls Shapes lose references
9192 Xls Extremely slow AutoFitColumns performance
9266 Xls Formula is not calculated
9267 Xls Conditional Validation DropDown List
9293 Xls CalculateFormula won’t calculate
9488 Xls The issue of opening xls file.
9501 Xls DeleteRows does not delete images embedded
9545 Xls SetDataSource() throws error
9546 Xls Wrong color of numbers
9672 Xls Calculate Lookup function error
9708 Xls Question about repeating dynamic formulas in Smart Markers
9709 Xls Custom formatting doesn’t work
9954 Xls Problem reading cell format from a template file
9955 Xls CalcMode never returns AutomaticExceptTable
9956 Xls Accessing Check Boxes and Combo Boxes by Name
9957 Xls NamedRange in Sum Formula
10001 Xls Excel Index function not working
10002 Xls Remove named range.
10036 Xls CalculateFormula after reset cell.formula
10037 Xls The issue when sorting the grouped data
10039 Xls Cells formatted as date sometimes come back empty
10040 Xls Adding multiple ranges for the same series on a Line Chart
10136 Xls Subtotal not below the field to group by
10137 Xls Smart Marker Subtotal Rows - Static Text Dynamic Formula
10153 Xls AutoFitRows() when the column is hidden
10158 Xls Getting chart by name
8587 Xls Order Pictures / Shapes
9062 Xls ExportDataTable Overflow / Underflow Issues
9707 Xls Print area not updated when deleting columns/rows
10038 Xls SubTotal - SummaryBelowData
10041 Xls Find string case sensitive.
8419 Xlsx Unable read xlsx file
8449 Xlsx IsProtected and Unprotect don’t work for xlsm files.
8586 Xlsx Files saved as Excel 2007 format don’t work correctly
8591 Xlsx Rotation of the Text items in NSeries.CategoryData
8667 Xlsx Invalid formula exception
8735 Xlsx Center datalabels when the chart is bubble chart.
8805 Xlsx Datalabels setting not works.
8842 Xlsx Removing non utf-8 character
8882 Xlsx All text not visible when converting Excel to Pdf
9554 Xlsx Chart major gridlines does not retain dash type
9673 Xlsx Charts renamed when workbook opened by Aspose
9710 Xlsx Excel found unreadable content
9854 Xlsx Hyperlink location must not be null
9958 Xlsx New report with existing template
10138 Xlsx Unreadable content error caused by pivot table
10161 Xlsx Formatting Pivot Table Data
7559 Xlsx Only load data from xlsx file.
8595 Xlsx DisplayRightToLeft