Aspose.Cells.GridJs Working in mobile

Use GridJs in mobile device

You can use GridJs smoothly on the mobile device.

GridJs can adapts the mobile screen.

Run the demo of GridJs

The default port of the demo project is 24262.

You need to access the page through IP way on the mobile terminal http://localhost:24262/GridJs2/List .

You can use a small tool like: iisexpress proxy.

Install with the following command:

npm install -g iisexpress-proxy

Run the command to complete the port mapping:

iisexpress-proxy 24262 to 82

todo:iisexpress command

Then we can open the demo web page in the mobile browser.

Navigate the page http://yourip:82/GridJs2/List and select a file to open.

todo:the screen navagation on mobile

Then we can do edit operations as in PC device.