Aspose.Cells .Net New Release Release Notes

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Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Cells 3.7 for .NET!

Name Change

Please note Aspose.Excel has been renamed to Aspose.Cells.

If you are upgrading from Aspose.Excel, you need to remove the reference to Aspose.Excel.dll and add a reference to Aspose.Cells.dll. Also you need to change all “using” or “imports” namespace Aspose.Excel to Aspose.Cells in your code.

Edition Types Change

There used to be two edition types: Professional and Enterprise. This has been changed to one edition type Professional.

The Professional edition now includes all features that were available in the Enterprise edition. The customers who had Professional edition get access to all the features that were available in the Enterprise edition when they upgrade.

New Features

  • WinForm demos are included in intallation package. Performance and memory usage are optimized.


  • AutoFitColumn method may cause StackOverflowException when it’s called many times. Bug in saving a file with many formulas Named Range and other issues in conversion from Excel file to SpreadsheetML file Row and column style settings Chart value axis number format setting Read scandinavian characters in comments Recursive Reference error in cells when calculating formulas