Aspose.Grid for .NET V2.0.1 New Release Release Notes

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We have just released Aspose.Grid v.

What’s changed:


l Supports importing/exporting to Excel2007xlsx file format.

l Supports reading merged cells’ style from excel file.

l Supports Auto RowFilter and Custom RowFilter; adding IgnoreCase and IsStartWithCriteria properties to GridColumn to customize behaviors of auto rowfilter.

l Adds CustomMsgTitle property to Validation to customize the title of MessageBox.

l Adds RecalculateFormulas property whose default value is true; when it is set to false, assigning any value to a cell will not recalculate the formula.

l Adds Width and Height properties to Comment.

l Adds CommentFont property to GridDesktop to set font of Comments.

l Provides new versions for the overloaded list of the Add method for the CommentCollection class to specify Width and Height of Comments.

l Adds IsVisible property to Worksheet.

l Supports reading/writing CustomProperties of Worksheet in excel files, and adding read-only CustomProperties property to Worksheet.

l Supports vlookup function/formula.

l Supports Undo/Redo features when changing values of cells.

l Adds ContextMenuManager property to GridDesktop to manage context menu.

l Adds RowColumnHiddenChanged event.

l Supports multi-selection of rows/columns/regions.

l Supports importing/ exporting frozen Panes from/ to excel files.

l 36 fixes and enhancements.


l 1 enhancement.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Grid 2.0.1

Issue ID Component Summary
7942 Grid.Desktop Sets Single or float types value to cell displays blank.
7970 Grid.Desktop The right-bottom borders that were not shown normally.
7971 Grid.Desktop The black border of the focused cell that was not shown normally.
7972 Grid.Desktop Demo Features throws file path exception demonstrating Pictures feature.
7973 Grid.Desktop Adds SetSelectedIndex method to ComboBox to avoid recalculating all the formulas.
7974 Grid.Desktop Presses a key on ComboBox of a cell would invoke editing.
7975 Grid.Desktop Font size bug in Format Cell Dialog.
7976 Grid.Desktop The focused cell had been changed when validation failed.
7977 Grid.Desktop Pastes cells several times, certain cells’ background color are set to blue.
7982 Grid.Desktop Data sorting performance issue
7983 Grid.Desktop Clicks header lines, the row height / column width is changed.
7984 Grid.Desktop Can not copy content in input box of a cell via ctrl+c.
7985 Grid.Desktop Throws exception when changing a value above the frozen rows.
7986 Grid.Desktop Updates all references of the formulas when inserting or deleting rows or columns.
7987 Grid.Desktop Changes a cell’s value,only the relative formulas will be recalculated and not all.
7988 Grid.Desktop Performance issue for Copying/ Pasting/ Deleting a number of cells
7989 Grid.Desktop Performance for calculating array formulas
7990 Grid.Desktop Calculates RowsCount / ColumnsCount properties error when accessing Cells / Rows / Columns properties of Worksheet.
7991 Grid.Desktop Performance for ImportDataTable
7992 Grid.Desktop Changes the height of hscrollbar and the width of vscrollbar from 20 pixels to 16.
7993 Grid.Desktop Adds SetSelectedIndex method to ComboBox to avoid recalculating all the formulas.
7994 Grid.Desktop Modifies colors of gridlines, header lines & selections.
7995 Grid.Desktop Calculates visible width of the drawing text error when a cell extended its text to the right cells.
7996 Grid.Desktop Performance for rendering worksheets
7997 Grid.Desktop SetFont & SetFontColor methods of GridRow not work.
7998 Grid.Desktop An invalid cell name in the formula might cause an invalid cell reference
7999 Grid.Desktop The behavior while navigating cells via scrollbars and arrow keys.
8000 Grid.Desktop Performance of copying / pasting large numbers of cells including lots of formulas
8001 Grid.Desktop IComparer exception occurs when a column value contained int and string types for auto-filtering data
8003 Grid.Desktop Utilizes FormulaError object that now returns value instead of throwing exception
8004 Grid.Desktop Boolean value in a cell does not render to string value.
8006 Grid.Desktop Location of focused cell in rows/columns selection mode
8007 Grid.Desktop Editing invisible focused cell issue
8020 Grid.Desktop The formula engine calculates the null value into result of empty string.
8085 Grid.Desktop Updates formulas error when deleting rows.
8289 Grid.Desktop Enhances formula error messages.
8290 Grid.Web Performance issue for many error formulas.