Aspose.Grid .Net New Release Release Notes

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Dear Customers,We have just released Aspose.Grid 1.7!This version inclucdes many new exciting features:Aspose.Grid.Web 1.71.New METAL-LIGHT Look & Feel.2.Added Fully DataBinding Support. Now it supports binding sheets to DataSet, DataTable, DataView or any Collection Objects. The control loads data from the DataSource, and updates the DataSource automatically.3.Added new “Worksheets Designer” in the IDE. You may use it to create powerful database binding applications with few mouse clicks and few lines of code.4.Added new Validation types: FreeList, Number, Integer, Date, DateTime and CustomFunction.5.Improved visual effect and usability in None-IE browsers.6.Added 6 new color properties to enable you adjust the ActiveCell/SelectCell/SelectHeader’s Color/BackgroundColor.7.Added new property “Visible” to WebWorksheet. You may use it to hide a worksheet from the TabBar.8.Added Custom Command Buttons Support. You may create your own buttons at the control’s TabBar.9.Now you can use the RegularExpression Validation with one of other Validations at the same time.10.Added WebWorksheet.Copy(WebWorksheet) method, enabling you copy a worksheet’s content to another worksheet even if they are in two different GridWeb control.11.Added Client-Side Submit/Validation event Support. You may write your own client script to handle the client-side submit or validation error event.12.Added formula functions “MIN”, “MAX”.13.Fixed the bug of losting data types when importing from a DataView object.14.Fixed some problems in VS.NET 2005.15.Optimized performance when there are large number of Validations in a sheet.

Aspose.Grid.Desktop 1.71.Grouping rows or columns supported.2.Hiding row column header supported.3.Fixed the Button or ComboBox of a focused cell will hide a part of text of the cell.4.Fixed the bug of AddRow method.5.Fixed the bug that the control can’t be created instance in VS.NET 2002.6.Demo projects support VS.NET 2002.7.Fixed the bug of Dock.Fill property of the control.8.Optimized performance of ImportExcelFile and ExportExcelFile method.9.Added CreateRange method to Worksheet class.10.Added Copy method to CellRange class.