Sorting Worksheet Data

Sorting Worksheet Data

To sort data in a worksheet using the API of Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop, please follow the steps below:

  • First of all create a global object of CellRange so that it can be accessed anywhere in the scope of your class
  • Create an event handler for SelectedCellRangeChanged event of GridDesktop. SelectedCellRangeChanged event is triggered every time when a cell range selected by a user is changed. For example, if a user selects cells (containing data to be sorted) then every time his range of selection would change, this event would be triggered.
  • The event handler provides CellRangeEventArgs argument that further provides the update range of cells (selected by user) in the form of a CellRange object. So, in this event handler, we will assign this CellRange object (containing updated range of cells) to the global CellRange object so that it can also be used in other part of the code. To make sure that we don’t lost the range of cells, we will write event handler code inside a condition
  • Now we can write some code to sort worskheet data. First of all, access a desired worksheet
  • Create a SortRange object that will keep the range of cells whose data is to be sorted. In SortRange constructor, we can specify the worksheet, indices of start row and column, number of rows and columns to sort, orientation of sorting (like top to bottom or left to right) etc.
  • Now we can call Sort method of SortRange object to perform the sorting of data. In Sort method, we can specify the index of column or row to be sorted and sorting order (that can be Ascending or Descending according to your requirements)
  • Finally, we can call Invalidate method of GridDesktop to redraw cells.

In the example given below, we have demonstrated about how to sort data in a column.

Create a global object of CellRange and SelectedCellRangeChanged event of GridDesktop. Now write the code like given below:

Now we write method for Ascending Sort. You can create a button for Ascending Sort and write below code inside its Click Event.

Finally, we write some code to achieve Descending Sort functionality. Create a Descending Sort button and write below code inside its Click Event.