Working with GridWeb Events

Working with Grid Events

Introduction to Grid Events

Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control supports several events that provide more control for performing operations when specific events are triggered in the control. A complete list of events supported by Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control can be found below.

Events Description
CellCommand Occurs when the command hyperlink of a cell is clicked. When this event is fired, its parameter e.Argument provides the command’s name.
CellDoubleClick Occurs when the cell is double clicked.
CellError Occurs when a cell’s input value has some error.
ColumnDeleted Occurs when a user deletes a column from a worksheet using client side menu.
ColumnDeleting Occurs when a user is trying to delete a column from a worksheet using client side menu.
ColumnDoubleClick Occurs when the column header is double clicked.
ColumnInserted Occurs when a user inserts a column into worksheet using client side menu.
CustomCommand Occurs when a user clicks a custom command button.
LoadCustomData Occurs when the control’s EnableSession property is set to false and needs to load worksheet data. You may handle this event in sessionless mode to load worksheet data from a file or database.
PageIndexChanged Occurs when the control’s sheet page index is changed.
RowDeleted Occurs when a user deletes a row from a worksheet using client side menu.
RowDeleting Occurs when a user is trying to delete a row from a worksheet using client side menu.
RowDoubleClick Occurs when the row header is double clicked.
RowInserted Occurs when a user inserts a row into worksheet using client side menu.
SaveCommand Occurs when the Save button is clicked.
SheetDataUpdated Occurs when the control has loaded the posted data and updated the worksheet data.
SheetTabClick Occurs when a sheet tab is clicked.
SubmitCommand Occurs when the Submit button is clicked.
UndoCommand Occurs when the Undo button is clicked.
AjaxCallFinished Fires when the AJAX update of the control finished. (the EnableAJAX shall be set to true).
CellModifiedOnAjax Fires when the cell is modified in AJAX call.
OnAfterColumnFilter Fires after the filter has applied on a column.
OnBeforeColumnFilter Fires before the filter is applied on a column.

Handling Grid Events

To perform a specific operation on triggering a specific event, we have to create an event handler. An event handler performs the desired task when a certain event is triggered. The steps illustrated below shows how to handle a simple grid event using Visual Studio.

Step 1: Selecting an Event of Aspose.Cells.GridWeb Control

  1. Select the Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control and open its Properties dialog on the right side.
  2. Click the Events Tab button.
  3. Select an event. For this example, the SaveCommand event is selected.

Step 2: Creating an Event Handler

  1. Double-click an event in the Properties dialog.

    Double clicking on a selected event


When the event is double-clicked, an event handler is automatically created by Visual Studio.

An event handler created by Visual Studio


  1. Add code to perform some action inside the event handler.

Here, a single line of code that saves the grid content to an Excel file when the Save button is clicked has been added.

To get more information, move the cursor above to see some code then you will find out that Visual Studio is intelligent enough to add an event handler to the GridWeb’s SaveCommand event.

Step 3: Running Your Application

  1. Build and run the application.
  2. Click Save.

The grid content is saved to an Excel file.

Application in running mode