Aspose.Cells for Python via .NET 22.10 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CELLSPYTHONNET-79 Support MacOS version New Feature
CELLSNET-42037 PivotTable Timeline Filter disappears after loading excel document and updating New Feature
CELLSNET-51963 Support for CRTX files New Feature
CELLSNET-51952 MAXIFS formulas take long time to be calculated Enhancement
CELLSNET-52064 It’s not allowed to push non-empty cells off the end of the worksheet error when using Cells.InsertRows method Enhancement
CELLSNET-52029 Translate legend entries labels in accordance with locale/regional settings Enhancement
CELLSNET-51419 External Link of Pivot table got deleted when converting XLS file to XLSM Bug
CELLSNET-51984 XLSX file with PivotTable file is corrupted after re-save Bug
CELLSNET-51987 Issue with some Smart Markers (inserted) in the PivotTable and Pivot chart Bug
CELLSNET-52065 Wrong external data connections when converting external connections Bug
CELLSNET-52088 Extra row is added when creating classic pivot table Bug
CELLSNET-52018 GetValidationValue incorrect using NotBetween operator Bug
CELLSNET-52069 Decimal values in the result of Cell.Formula may be different from what ms excel shows Bug
CELLSNET-52078 Style.SetPatternColor(BackgroundType,Color,Color) does not take effect Bug
CELLSNET-52105 LightCellsDataHandler.StartSheet(Worksheet) cannot skip the sheet when returning false for xlsb template file Bug
CELLSNET-46764 Missing chart title on convert to pdf Bug
CELLSNET-52049 XLSX to PDF: Text not formatted properly Bug
CELLSNET-52073 Issue regarding Arial Tur font in Excel to PDF rendering Bug
CELLSNET-52083 Some cells with the Accounting number format are rendered as #####. Bug
CELLSNET-52091 When setting the worksheet contents to black and white, it is still printed in color & borders are displayed unnecessarily Bug
CELLSNET-51972 Worksheet containing button objects are not recognized properly when copying the sheet Bug
CELLSNET-51973 Html table to Excel sheet not converted properly Bug
CELLSNET-52001 Re-saving an XLSX file generated corrupt file Bug
CELLSNET-52015 Unable to load power query formula from Excel file Bug
CELLSNET-52054 Style corruption after saving and reopening an Aspose.Cells-generated workbook Bug
CELLSNET-52056 Hyperlink Duplication Issue Bug
CELLSNET-52071 Excel to XML conversion - Element Names are Not Escaped Bug
CELLSNET-52074 HTML to XLSX: Missing cell content Bug
CELLSNET-52084 The position of the “Northwind Traders” text is incorrect (the left indent value is not interpreted correctly). Bug
CELLSNET-52063 PivotTable.CalculateData caused NullReferenceException Exception
CELLSNET-51986 Calculating workbook twice with enabled calculation chain caused exception Exception
CELLSNET-52081 Opening XLSX file whose styles have been removed throws exception Exception
CELLSNET-52044 Exception raised while importing the customer’s file in GridWeb Exception
CELLSNET-52002 Exception is thrown when trying to open unprotected document with a password Exception