Aspose.Cells for Python via .NET 22.12 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-42315 Support for crtx files - applying custom chart templates New Feature
CELLSNET-47895 Images are distorted in Excel to PDF/HTML rendering Bug
CELLSNET-47946 Image rotation effect is not displayed correctly in pdf/html Bug
CELLSNET-47947 The rectangular box rotation effect in the graphics group is not displayed correctly in pdf/html Bug
CELLSNET-52126 Some shapes are changed after converting Excel file to PDF Bug
CELLSNET-52197 Boxes changed when converting XLSX document to PDF Bug
CELLSNET-52330 Drawing shapes not rendered fine in HTML Bug
CELLSNET-50042 The defined name is changed after re-saving Bug
CELLSNET-52270 YEARFRAC Function is not calculated correctly Bug
CELLSNET-52305 MMULT with OFFSET is not calculated correctly Bug
CELLSNET-52307 Broken link formula returns 0 instead of #REF! Bug
CELLSNET-52325 Workbook.CalculateFormula hangs in some circumstances Bug
CELLSNET-52387 Cell references to tables result in #REF errors after deleting columns Bug
CELLSNET-52290 Charts Axis not being captured correctly Bug
CELLSNET-52301 XLSX Chart to Image: Custom combo chart bars improperly rendered Bug
CELLSNET-52336 Histogram chart is not rendered properly in XLSX to HTML/PDF conversion Bug
CELLSNET-52292 Text is displayed on the wrong page in the output PDF - Excel to PDF conversion Bug
CELLSNET-52367 AutofitRows results in clipped text in PDF conversion output Bug
CELLSNET-52242 Parent-child hierarchy is incorrect while converting Excel to JSON and vice versa Bug
CELLSNET-52281 Json header can not be ignored Bug
CELLSNET-52289 The number format is lost when converting html to excel Bug
CELLSNET-52298 AutoSort option is enabled for the pivot field when re-saving XLSX Bug
CELLSNET-52299 HasRevisions attribute is incorrect after saving a workbook Bug
CELLSNET-52332 Numbers are displayed as ‘#’ or scientific number while converting to html Bug
CELLSNET-52338 The output HTML is nondeterministic Bug
CELLSNET-52344 Hyperlinks are missing in HTML to JSON conversion Bug