Aspose.Cells for Python via .NET 22.8 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-51589 Support expand/collapse button style for PivotTable New Feature
CELLSNET-51473 Convert threaded comments to html Enhancement
CELLSNET-51570 Copy row height when processing smart markers of a table Enhancement
CELLSNET-51590 Delete grouped shapes from group Enhancement
CELLSNET-51595 Wrong vertical alignment of cell text on convert to PDF from Excel file with pivot table Bug
CELLSNET-51621 Shared formulas were copied incorrectly for different file formats Bug
CELLSNET-51524 Wrong word wrapping on converting to PDF from Excel file with pivot table Bug
CELLSNET-51675 Shape is lost while converting to pdf Bug
CELLSNET-51435 New worksheet relationships are added when converting an XLSB workbook to XLSM Bug
CELLSNET-51545 Workbook with MS Excel 5.0 dialog sheets failed loading by Aspose.Cells Bug
CELLSNET-51546 Charts are getting duplicated after opening and saving with Aspose cells, then viewing in Excel Bug
CELLSNET-51550 Links in named ranges are getting deleted in XLS to XLSM conversion Bug
CELLSNET-51551 Files got corrupted and external Link changed to DDE link when converting XLS files to XLSM Bug
CELLSNET-51558 Converting XLS files with xlAlternateStartup type link to XLSM is outputting corrupted files Bug
CELLSNET-51564 Duplicate data of smart marker Bug
CELLSNET-51574 A textbox having two columns in it is rendered with one column only when re-saving an XLSX file Bug
CELLSNET-51580 An external link of type xlPathMissing is changed to normal externalLinkPath type in XLS to XLSM conversion Bug
CELLSNET-51599 Very long names for image type resources while saving as Html Bug
CELLSNET-51627 Specific XLSM file cannot be loaded Bug
CELLSNET-51632 RibbonXml does not work Bug
CELLSNET-51696 Converting XLS to XLSM is changing the “Save password” data connection definition property Bug
CELLSNET-51559 Converting an XLSB file to XLSM throwing Exception “startIndex cannot be larger than length of string” Exception