Aspose.Cells for Python via .NET 23.2 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-52620 Support to parse/read/save SCAN and Lambda functions New Feature
CELLSNET-52666 Supports multiple pagination formats when converting Excel to pptx New Feature
CELLSNET-52627 Extract cell style to a generic object (i.e. JSON) Enhancement
CELLSNET-52683 Cell.Formula is not same as displayed in MS Excel Bug
CELLSNET-52691 Formulas are calculated incorrectly Bug
CELLSNET-52519 Issue with reading charts from Excel file (generated by Aspose.Cells) through Microsoft Graph API Bug
CELLSNET-52544 Chart to PDF not same as to image Bug
CELLSNET-52635 Text in chart in SVG has wrong position Bug
CELLSNET-52585 Generated xps file could not be loaded by System.Windows.Xps.Packaging.XpsDocument Bug
CELLSNET-52622 Cannot generate SVG with superscript and subscript from Excel file Bug
CELLSNET-52692 Text is lost in the converted XPS document Bug
CELLSNET-52438 Data loss in saving a pivot table chart Bug
CELLSNET-52555 Difference in character/text position when rendering the selected worksheet to HTML Bug
CELLSNET-52583 Conversion to Docx produce one extra blank page Bug
CELLSNET-52612 Problem to open PowerQuery after change Bug
CELLSNET-52613 Converting Numbers to Pptx produce broken result Bug
CELLSNET-52630 HTML to Excel conversion - tables are not rendered correctly Bug
CELLSNET-52631 Saving an XLSX file as XLSB damages colors and adds filters Bug
CELLSNET-52639 Chart axis title rotation resets after copying with Aspose.Cells Bug
CELLSNET-52662 Xml Import loses formulas in calculated columns Bug
CELLSNET-52671 XmlImport corrupts file when trying to refresh Pivot Tables with calculated column Bug
CELLSNET-52675 The style of the cell lost after importing xml. Bug
CELLSNET-52684 Comment formatting lost When copying Range Bug
CELLSNET-52690 JsonLayoutOptions does not work. Bug
CELLSNET-52696 Table operations generate corrupted excel files Bug
CELLSNET-52549 Save Sheet to HTML with SmartArt throws System.NullReferenceException Exception