Aspose.Diagram for Java 18.3 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
DIAGRAMJAVA-50592 Add support of the NewValue processing instructions Enhancement
DIAGRAMJAVA-50150 Can’t access shape TabsCollection objects Bug
DIAGRAMJAVA-50588 Output VSDX - a large sized shape is added Bug
DIAGRAMJAVA-50593 VSDX to SVG - incorrect text and background colors Bug
DIAGRAMJAVA-50595 Diagram turns to black and white when saving VSDX document Bug

Adds moveTo member in Page class

The moveTo member takes the target page index as a parameter to move the position of page in the Visio drawing.

 // import diagram

Diagram diagram = new Diagram(dataDir + "Drawing1.vsdx");

Page newPage = new Page(1);

// move page in the diagram

newPage.moveTo(2); + "Drawing1.vsdx", SaveFileFormat.VSDX);

Usage Examples

Please check the list of help topics added in the Aspose.Diagram Wiki docs: 

  1. [Move Page position in the Visio drawing]