Aspose.Diagram for .NET 17.5 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
DIAGRAMNET-51104 Add support of shape’s 3D rotation properties New Feature
DIAGRAMNET-51229 Open and save process of VSDM removes SolutionXMLs Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-50283 VTX to HTML conversion, double line effect on shapes text items Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51195 Incorrect rendering of an envelope icon on saving a VDX to SVG Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51196 Incorrect text alignment on saving a VDX to SVG Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51225 Retrieves an incorrect Calender value of the Shape data for VSDM Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51226 Saving to HTML stream do not embed external resources Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51227 Cannot set the TimeSaved value of a VSDM Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51228 The text items are being displaced on setting shape data in VSDM Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51234 Cannot remove and add a same named master in VSDM Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51235 Open and save process of VSDM removes vbaProjectSignature.bin file Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51236 Open and save process of VSDM changes Solution XML file Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51237 Cannot save Del and NoQuickDrag values of Geoms in a VSDM Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51238 Set TimeSaved value when saving a Visio drawing Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51239 Open and save process of VSDM removes relationship part of Solution XML Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51240 Displaced text on converting a VSD to PDF Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51242 Cannot add shape data to various shapes in VSDM Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51243 User cell UFEV value not saved correctly in VSDM Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51244 Duplicate page xml error on copying pages from two VSDM drawings Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51247 Non-print area is also included when converting a VSD to PDF Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Diagram for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise them in the Aspose.Diagram support forum.

Adds ThreeDFormat Member in Shape Class

ThreeDFormat class allows developers to retrieve or set 3D rotation properties of a shape.

 // Load diagram

Diagram diagram = new Diagram(@"c:\temp\3DShape_Rotation.vsdx");

// get page by name

Aspose.Diagram.Page page = diagram.Pages.GetPage("Page-1");

// get shape by ID

Aspose.Diagram.Shape shape = page.Shapes.GetShape(1);

// set RotationXAngle property, 

// all other properties are added in ThreeDFormat class

shape.ThreeDFormat.RotationXAngle.Value = 2.61;

// save diagram to VSDX format

diagram.Save(@"c:\temp\3DShape_Rotation_Out.vsdx", SaveFileFormat.VSDX);

Usage Examples

Please check the list of help topics added in the Aspose.Diagram Wiki docs: 

  1. Modify 3D Rotation Properties in Shapesheet