Aspose.Diagram for .NET 20.1 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
DIAGRAMNET-51198 Shade on hyperlink button is not rendered correctly on saving VSDM to SVG Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-51526 VSDX to PDF - Gradient fill for arrowheads lost in resultant PDF Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-51539 The gradient in shapes has lost in output SVG Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-50705 VSD to SVG export - Meta type shapes turn into messy symbols Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51664 File is getting corrupted after removing unused theme Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51665 Images are shown as X after removing unused themes Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51684 While removing unused master shapes and styles only the image has a problem Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51726 Background Image Missing (PowerPoint is added in the VISIO) while removing unused master shapes and styles Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51737 Visio to Html - image size Issue Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51743 Removing private information from Visio - the Visio document size issue Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51745 Strange Error Occurs in WPF application when converting VSD to VSDX Bug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  • Added Pages to LoadOptions - Specifies the index of the pages to be loaded.
Aspose.Diagram.LoadOptions options = new Aspose.Diagram.LoadOptions(LoadFileFormat.VSDX);

options.Pages = new ArrayList();

  • Added SetFontSources in FontConfigs - Sets the Fonts Sources
Aspose.Diagram.MemoryFontSource sc1 = new Aspose.Diagram.MemoryFontSource(b);

Aspose.Diagram.MemoryFontSource sc2 = new Aspose.Diagram.MemoryFontSource(b);

Aspose.Diagram.MemoryFontSource[] sc = new Aspose.Diagram.MemoryFontSource[] { sc1, sc2 };