Aspose.Diagram for .NET 20.2 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
DIAGRAMNET-51747 File Changes after Visio vsd->vsdx conversion Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-51750 Adding flag “HasHiddenInfo” Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-51748 Add PNG to Diagram - transparency is lost Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51749 Error occurs while saving the Visio Document Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51751 VSDX to PNG - Extra image is shown Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51752 VSDX to PNG - Extra space is shown Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51753 VSDX to PNG - Icons position is changing Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51754 VSDX to PNG - Question mark icon position is changed Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51762 PDF generated is different comparing to the input Visio diagram Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51763 VSDX to PNG - Information is missing in the output Bug

 Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

 The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Diagram for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Diagram support forum.

Added EnlargePage in ImageSaveOptions

  • Specifies whether to enlarge page
 Aspose.Diagram.Saving.ImageSaveOptions opt = new Aspose.Diagram.Saving.ImageSaveOptions(Aspose.Diagram.SaveFileFormat.PNG);

opt.EnlargePage = false;

Added HasHiddenInfo in Diagram

  • Indicates whether this diagram has hidden information.