Aspose.Diagram for .NET 20.3 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
DIAGRAMNET-51737 Visio to HTML - image size Issue Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-51756 Unable to recalculate shape size - Collection is not being updated Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-51765 Unable to combine Diagram files - resultant diagram does not have all pages. Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-51786 Hyperlinks on shapes are not rendered in HTML when the shape is in a group Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-51760 Extra line in the output HTML Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51761 The Strikethrough property for the Function text in the vertical swimlane Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51768 Lost information when saving a VSDM file as VSDM with Aspose Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51769 VSDX to PNG - Icons position is changing Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51770 VSDX to PNG - Question mark icon position is changed Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51772 Additional line included in XML file Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51773 Saving a particular document to PDF raises exception ‘Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute’ Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51774 Problem converting VSDX to PDF Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51775 VSDX to PNG - Question mark icon position is changed Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51776 VSDX to PNG - Question mark icon position is changed Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51777 VSDX to PNG - Plus Icon Issue Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51780 Wrong page size after Visio VSD ->VSDX conversion Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51784 The difference occurs after converting VSD to VSDX Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51785 VSDX to PDF - Image is cut off in output PDF Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51787 VSDX to PNG - Some icons position changed Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51790 VSDX to PNG - An exception occurs Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51791 Aspose.Diagram 20.2 : Exception when converting particular VSDX to PDF Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51793 VSDX to PNG - An exception occurs Bug
DIAGRAMNET-51794 Visio to SVG - an exception occurs Bug