Aspose.Diagram for .NET 5.6.0 Release Notes

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This release introduces the features, enhancements and bug fixes as detailed below:


DIAGRAMNET-50434-Can’t update milestone shape date


  • DIAGRAMNET-50515-Missing shape’s parts when saving in VDX format 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50516-VSDX to PDF conversion, the filled color of the shapes is not preserved 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50517-VSDX to PDF conversion, the arrow signs of all connectors are not preserved 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50519-Can’t determine connected shapes in the VSD diagram 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50520-Connectors are not being routed correctly in the resultant VDX 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50527-Foreground page turns into the background page 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50528-Foreground page turns into the background page 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50529-VSDX to SVG conversion, “&” character in the text appear as “&” 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50531-VSDX to SVG conversion, the shape’s text lines are interchanged 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50540-Warning message when opening resultant VDX diagram 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50543-Can’t retrieve shape’s name from a VSD diagram