Aspose.Diagram for .NET 5.8.0 Release Notes

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This release introduces the features, enhancements and bug fixes as detailed below:


  • DIAGRAMNET-50015-Writing support for new MS Visio 2013 VSDX format. 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50072-Add support to group shapes 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50561-Save to HTML - desired page content only


  • DIAGRAMNET-50379-Incorrect font when placing shape from a VSX stencil 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50382-Characters of the shape’s text items are mingled with each other 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50437-VSD to PDF conversion, the text items of the shapes are misplaced 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50532-VSD to PDF conversion, shapes text items at the top right corners are misplaced 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50533-VSD to PDF conversion, the text lines between the bullets are not aligned properly 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50549-VSD to PDF conversion, the table item is not preserved 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50563-Timeline start and finish dates are not taking effect 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50614-VSD to PDF conversion, an extra text item is added at left bottom 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50615-VSD to HTML conversion, an extra text item is added at left bottom 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50619-Shape id is greater than 32 bit DIAGRAMNET-50620-Incorrect Visio page properties 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50621-DiagramSaveOptions.AutoFitPageToDrawingContent property works partially 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50626-Layers disappear when setting AutoFitPageToDrawingContent save option