Aspose.Diagram for .NET 5.9.0 Release Notes

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This release introduces the features, enhancements and bug fixes as detailed below:

New Feature

  • DIAGRAMNET-50143-VSD to HTML conversion Add support to save output html to a stream object 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50564-Writing support for new MS Visio Stencil 2013 VSSX format 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50565-Writing support for new MS Visio Template 2013 VSTX format 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50649-Reading support for new MS Visio Template 2013 VSTX format


  • DIAGRAMNET-50412-CompactTree(RightThenDown) - Connection points of each shape is incorrect 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50413-Diagram.Layout method does not change layout of all pages 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50625-Shape.gluedShapes method is not working as expected 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50627-Output format VDX - Group Shape is not displayed properly 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50630-Output format PDF - Can’t place a group shape from another Visio diagram 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50632-Output format VDX - Fill style of the Shapes is not preserved 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50637-Index out of bounds error occurred while loading a VSD diagram 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50642-VSD to VDX export, connectors position is changed 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50643-Open and save VSDX, the server shapes are missing 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50644-VSD to VSDX export, CustomProp class does not return an actual value 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50645-VDX to PDF export, the resultant PDF is blank 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50646-VDX to BMP export, an argument exception occurred 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50647-VDX to JPEG export, an argument exception occurred 
  • DIAGRAMNET-50648-VSDX to SVG export, the custom properties of the shapes are not preserved