Inserting a new Page in Visio


Below is the code to add new page and you can’t set the page id that is the drawback we have in MS Visio.

  // Add a new blank page


 // there is no way to manually set the id of the page in VSTO


The Add method, exposed by the Pages collection, allows you to add a new blank page into a Visio drawing. It must set the page ID. Below is the code examples for this:

  // Load diagram

 Diagram diagram = new Diagram(@"E:\Aspose\Aspose Vs VSTO\Aspose.Diagram Vs VSTO Visio v1.1\Sample Files\Drawing1.vsd");

 // Get max page ID

 int MaxPageId = GetMaxPageID(diagram);

 // Initialize a new page object

 Page newPage = new Page();

 // Set name

 newPage.Name = "new page";

 // Set page ID

 newPage.ID = MaxPageId + 1;

 // Or try the Page constructor

 // Page newPage = new Page(MaxPageId + 1);

 // Add a new blank page


 // Save diagram

 diagram.Save(@"E:\Aspose\Aspose Vs VSTO\Aspose.Diagram Vs VSTO Visio v1.1\Sample Files\Output.vdx", SaveFileFormat.VDX);

Download Sample Code

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