Public API Changes in Aspose.Diagram 4.3.0

Adds two methods GlueShapesInContainer and GlueShapesInContainerByID to Page

The Page.GlueShapesInContainer and Page.GlueShapesInContainerByID methods have been added. These methods take connection IDs or Name / NameU as parameters to glue shapes in the container. You can see example topics about these features: [Glue Shapes Inside the Container]

Overloaded method AddMaster to Diagram

The overloaded Diagram.AddMaster method has been added. It takes a master name and the source diagram object as parameters. Please find details of this feature in the following help topic: [Add Master from the Stencil of Shapes]

Overloaded method AddShape to Page

The Page.AddShape method has been added. It’s used to import a Bitmap image to as a Visio shape. Overview of help topic: [Import Bitmap Image as a Visio Shape]