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This page contains release notes information for Aspose.Barcode for C++ 18.11 version.

New Features

  • List or chart of prerequisites required to generate successful barcode image of any barcode type 
  • Implemented UpcaGs1DatabarCoupon for new barcode generation API 
  • Implemented Interpolation AutoSize mode 
  • Create User Control for new generation API 
  • Implemented MaxiCode and DotCode for new barcode generation API 
  • GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked barcode did not pass GS1 Canda barcode verification
  • Added new barcode subsets to DecodeType 

All Changes

BARCODENET-36791Prepare preview version of new barcode generation APINew Feature
BARCODENET-36872List or chart of prerequisites required to generate successful barcode image of any barcode type New Feature
BARCODENET-36941Implement UpcaGs1DatabarCoupon for new barcode generation API New Feature
BARCODENET-36930Implement Interpolation AutoSize mode New Feature
BARCODENET-36953Create User Control for new generation API New Feature
BARCODENET-36923Implement MaxiCode for new barcode generation API New Feature
BARCODENET-36922Implement DotCode for new barcode generation API New Feature
BARCODENET-36713Investigate new architecture of barcodes recognition filters. New Feature
BARCODENET-36940Implement UpcaGs1Code128Coupon for new barcode generation API New Feature
BARCODENET-36973Not able to read all barcodes from TIFF images New Feature
BARCODENET-36962Not able to read the barcode New Feature
BARCODENET-37013Deprecate BarCodeBuilder New Feature
BARCODENET-37019Add new barcode subsets to DecodeType New Feature
BARCODENET-36945Not able to detect barcode New Feature
BARCODENET-34367Improve the recognition of a 3D-distorted and rotated 2D-barcodes New Feature
BARCODENET-36389Improve the recognition of a 3D-distorted QR code New Feature
BARCODENET-37020Add minor fixes to BarCodeReader New Feature
BARCODENET-36648Improve WPF control appearance New Feature
BARCODENET-37026GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked barcode did not pass GS1 Canda barcode verification (.NET)New Feature
BARCODENET-36215Unable to Read the DatabarExpandedStacked barcode from a PNG imageBug
BARCODENET-36942Incorrect draw Code16K barcode, without above and below borders Bug
BARCODENET-36952GS1 Datamatrix barcode is not wrapping the text in case of CodeLocation.Right Bug
BARCODENET-36946License is not working as embedded resource Bug
BARCODENET-36795DPI settings works incorrectly with rotation Bug
BARCODENET-36956Databars are generated incorrectly from GS1 string Bug
BARCODENET-37008ITF14 barcode fails GS1 Verification Process Bug
BARCODENET-34141Can't recognize DataMatrix codes from the JPG image Bug
BARCODENET-36957Text part isn't correct in ENA13 when change resolution Bug
BARCODENET-36786Aspose.BarCode is detecting only 1 out of 3 barcodes from PDF Bug
BARCODENET-37001Using same instance of BarcodeReader throws exceptions Bug
BARCODENET-37010Barcode CODE39 reading problem (.NET) Bug
BARCODENET-37000Barcode Detection does not constrain to the defined region. Bug
BARCODENET-37028MicrE13B for safe bitmap accessBug

Usage Examples

BARCODENET-36791 Prepare preview version of new barcode generation API
We would like to introduce the preview version of new barcode generation API. It has been developed to cover real use cases, like document printing and UI design, as well as we try to make it more simple then previous one. New class Aspose.BarCode.Generation.BarCodeGenerator has been added and it has following main features:
1. Two different modes of generation depending on your requirements.
If you have restricted requirements of barcode size, then you can set AutoSizeMode = Nearest and required barcode size. Barcode generator will calculate the all other parameters like xDimension, AspectRatio, etc to fit barcode into desired size:


In opposite if doesn't have required size, you can use AutoSizeMode = None and set all generator parameters by yourself.


In addition, if you just want to know the barcode size without saving image you can call method RecalculateValues() and get barcode size.


Needless to say, that in the complex scenarios AutoSizeMode can be changed from None to Nearest and vice versa to cover all the requirements.

2. Unit-based system of values. All measurement values can be get and set in pixels, millimeters, inches in the same time. You can easily change the resolution of image and prepare the same barcode for printing, LCD screens or retina-displays.


3. Properties for specific barcode types are grouped. Such specific properties like QR_EncodeType of DataMatrix_Ecc are grouped by type to simplify all the API for new users.


4. BarCodeGenearator has predefined default codetext, so you can just explore the default codetext format for the specific type.


5. Stay tuned, more features are coming soon! It is a preview version and your feedback are welcome. In the further releases we will add one more generation mode and new UI controls based on new API.

BARCODENET-36215 Unable to Read the DatabarExpandedStacked barcode from a PNG image



Type: DatabarExpandedStacked Text: (8110)106141411234562891101201212085010048000214025610048000310123191000


BARCODENET-36941 - Implement UpcaGs1DatabarCoupon for new barcode generation API
Code sample:


Png image


BARCODENET-36930 - Implement Interpolation AutoSize mode
Code sample:



Png image

BARCODENET-36942 - Incorrect draw Code16K barcode, without above and below borders
Code sample:


Png image

BARCODENET-36952 - GS1 Datamatrix barcode is not wrapping the text in case of CodeLocation.Right
We can use Display2DText property for only displayed text and we can insert '\n' symbols in this case.
Code sample:



Png image

BARCODENET-36923 - Implement MaxiCode for new barcode generation API
Code sample:


BARCODENET-36922 - Implement DotCode for new barcode generation API



BARCODENET-36713 - Investigate new architecture of barcodes recognition filters.


Usage of QualitySettings presets
Usage of QualitySettings Presets with Manual Options Set Up
Usage of QualitySettings Manual Options Set Up
Bitmap with Proceed Recangle Set Up Sample
Bitmap With Proceed Rectangles List Set Up Sample


BARCODENET-36940 - Implement UpcaGs1Code128Coupon for new barcode generation API

BARCODENET-36962 - Not able to read the barcode
QualitySettings.AllowInvertImage can help with such images:

BARCODENET-36795 - DPI settings works incorrectly with rotation


BARCODENET-37019 - Add new barcode subsets to DecodeType

Usage of the new DecodeType fields:


Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Following members have been added:

  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::BarCodeGenerator
  • Enum Aspose::BarCode::Generation::AutoSizeMode
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::AztecProperties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::BorderProperties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::Caption
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::ChecksumProperties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::CodabarProperties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::CodeTextStyle
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::D2Properties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::DataMatrixProperties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::FontUnit
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::ITFProperties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::Margins
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::Pdf417Properties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::QRProperties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::SupplementProperties
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::Generation::Unit
  • Enum member Aspose::BarCode::Generation::AutoSizeMode::Interpolation
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::Generation::BarCodeGenerator::get_MaxiCodeEncodeMode
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::Generation::BarCodeGenerator::set_MaxiCodeEncodeMode
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::Generation::BarCodeGenerator::get_DotCodeMask
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::Generation::BarCodeGenerator::set_DotCodeMask
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::get_QualitySettings
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::set_QualitySettings
  • Class Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_HighPerformance
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_HighPerformance
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_NormalQuality
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_NormalQuality
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_HighQuality
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_HighQuality
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_MaxBarCodes
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_MaxBarCodes
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowInvertImage
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowInvertImage
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowIncorrectBarcodes
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowIncorrectBarcodes
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowComplexBackground
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowComplexBackground
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowMedianSmoothing
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowMedianSmoothing
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_MedianSmoothingWindowSize
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_MedianSmoothingWindowSize
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowRegularImage
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowRegularImage
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowDecreasedImage
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowDecreasedImage
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowWhiteSpotsRemoving
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowWhiteSpotsRemoving
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowOneDAdditionalScan
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowOneDAdditionalScan
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowOneDFastBarcodesDetector
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowOneDFastBarcodesDetector
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowMicroWhiteSpotsRemoving
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowMicroWhiteSpotsRemoving
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowSaltAndPaperFiltering
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowSaltAndPaperFiltering
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowDetectScanGap
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowDetectScanGap
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowDatamatrixIndustrialBarcodes
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowDatamatrixIndustrialBarcodes
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::get_AllowQRMicroQrRestoration
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::QualitySettings::set_AllowQRMicroQrRestoration
  • Method Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::SetBarCodeImage(System::SharedPtr<System::Drawing::Bitmap>, System::ArrayPtr<System::Drawing::Rectangle>)
  • Method Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::SetBarCodeImage(System::SharedPtr<System::Drawing::Bitmap>, System::Drawing::Rectangle)
  • Method Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::SetBarCodeImage(System::SharedPtr<System::IO::Stream>)
  • Field DecodeType::Types1D
  • Field DecodeType::PostalTypes
  • Field DecodeType::MostCommonTypes

Following members have been marked as obsolete:

  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::get_MedianSmoothingWindowSize
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::set_MedianSmoothingWindowSize
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::get_RecognitionMode
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::set_RecognitionMode
  • Property getter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::get_ManualHints
  • Property setter Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::BarCodeReader::set_ManualHints
  • Enum Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::RecognitionMode
  • Enum Aspose::BarCode::BarCodeRecognition::ManualHint

Also class BarCodeBuilder has been deprecated. Please use BarCodeGenerator instead.

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