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This page contains release notes information for Aspose.Email for .NET 20.5

All Changes

EMAILNET-39781Add support for message threadsFeature
EMAILNET-39710Calendar Item failing to get added in Office365 account calendarEnhancement
EMAILNET-39794Set Timezone is not visible in MS Outlook 2016Enhancement
EMAILNET-39806IEWSClient: Get folder info by pathEnhancement
EMAILNET-39823Can't save MailMessage with default DateBug
EMAILNET-39705Meeting opened as appointment in saved PST when viewed in MS OutlookBug
EMAILNET-39803Office 365 Recurrence ICS not getting AppendedBug
EMAILNET-39811Extra symbols are in the message bodyBug
EMAILNET-39812Memory issue loading MapiMessageBug
EMAILNET-39814Invalid cast exception in constructor Aspose.Email.Clients.Smtp.SmtpClientBug
EMAILNET-39815Querymessages not working properly for ListMessagesBug
EMAILNET-39818MSG to MHTML wrong sent time extractedBug
EMAILNET-39820Aspose.Email: there are unclosed tags in the HtmlBody after loading an .msg fileBug
EMAILNET-39821Erroneous meeting end times on recurring meetingsBug
EMAILNET-39816Parsing Appointment resulting recurrency error rule errorBug

New features

Email Threading using ImapClient

Email threading is a useful feature that allows to organize emails into conversations in a hierarchical manner. It is possible by grouping all forwards, replies, and reply-all messages related to the same conversation together. Basically, the IMAP protocol may support the THREAD capability defined in RFC-5256. Besides, there is another IMAP extension provided by Gmail and described as X-GM-EXT-1.

We have added a GetMessageThreads method for receiving message threads by ImapClient.

Also, the following properties have been added to check the extensions available for the current IMAP server.

Note, if you're working with Gmail, it likely supports X-GM-EXT-1.


The following code samples show the usage of email threading features. Let's say we need to get the email threads from Gmail.


The code will slightly change if the IMAP server supports THREAD capability:

  1. Check if the IMAP server supports THREAD extension:

  2. Сreate the suitable search conditions for a thread:

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