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Improvements and Changes




PDFNET-42309NullReferenceException on getting Document.pagei.Artifacts collectionException
PDFNET-42714XPS to PDF Conversion throws missing root element exceptionException
PDFNET-42969Argument out of range exception when saving PDF as HTMLException


Aspose.PDF generates larger files than Aspose.PDF.Generator


Method access error occurs on converting an XPS to PDF



Incorrect color of circles when converting an XPS to PDF


PDFNET-42885PDF to PPTX - Text is missing in resultant fileBug
PDFNET-40901PDF to PNG conversion adds extra white spaceBug
PDFNET-42549Failed PDF/A-1b validation after conversionBug
PDFNET-42544After saving attachments, collection is emptyBug
PDFNET-42886DOCX to PDFA different behavior between aspose and adobe reader PRO - IncidentBug
PDFNET-42729Aspose.PDF generated slides within PowerPoint breaks fonts and formattingBug
PDFNET-41389PDF to PDF/A-2a - Resultant file is not compliantBug
PDFNET-41386PDF to PDF/A-2a - Resultant file is not compliantBug
PDFNET-41367PDF to PDF/A - Resultant file is not compliantBug
PDFNET-39454PDF to HTML: characters are being replaced with boxesBug
PDFNET-42198PDF to DOC: Text trimmed from topBug
PDFNET-42349DropDown value is cropped when form is flattenBug
PDFNET-42350DropDown value is rendered incorrectlyBug
PDFNET-43141Text replacement leads to column breaking (left shift of the word in second column)Bug
PDFNET-41170HTML to PDF - Field width is not preservedBug
PDFNET-41628PDF to TIFF: black blocks in resultant TIFF imageBug
PDFNET-41683PDF to JPEG - Double space between lettersBug
PDFNET-41845PDF to BMP - Text appears overlapped in resultant imageBug
PDFNET-42582Text overlapping occurred when converting PDF to PNGBug

Added APIs:

Class Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory

Constructor Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory
Method Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory.CreateDocument(System.IO.Stream,Aspose.PDF.LoadOptions)

Methods and Properties

Method Aspose.PDF.EmbeddedFileCollection.Add(System.String,Aspose.PDF.FileSpecification)
Method Aspose.PDF.EmbeddedFileCollection.DeleteByKey(System.String)
Method Aspose.PDF.Image.GetMimeType(System.Drawing.Image)
Property Aspose.PDF.RenderingOptions.ScaleImagesToFitPageWidth
Property Aspose.PDF.Collection.DefaultEntry

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