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Improvements and Changes




PDFNET-43094PDF to PPTX - Different images in document gets merged into single image in output fileEnhancement
PDFNET-43200Implement the ability to extract password protected documents via Aspose.PDF.GroupProcessorEnhancement
PDFNET-43199Implement CreateExtractor method overload that accepts a document StreamEnhancement


PDF to PPTX: render text data as imageEnhancement
PDFNET-43158Provide overloads for document factory methodsEnhancement
PDFNET-43057Add image inside PDF - Output is different as compared to old generatorEnhancement
PDFNET-42964NullReferenceException when working with artifactsException
PDFNET-43164Custom font breaks upon PDF to PDF/A conversion Bug
PDFNET-38996PDF to JPGE conversion loses textBug
PDFNET-39457PDF to Image characters show up as squaresBug
PDFNET-42201PDF to PDFA conversion changes the display order of objectsBug
PDFNET-42339Alignment of radio button is not properBug
PDFNET-42676PDF to PDF/A - compliance error: Real value out of rangeBug
PDFNET-42933Line-height (spacing between lines) is not being honored for RichTextBoxFieldBug
PDFNET-38505Invalid xref table in resultant fileBug


On stamping an image in the PDF- the image is being displaced and rotatedBug
PDFNET-42934Hanging on SaveBug
PDFNET-42568Blank page when saving PDF as HTMLBug
PDFNET-38236PDF to TIFF - Garbled characters in resultant fileBug
PDFNET-35749Anit-aliasing issue in PdfConverterBug
PDFNET-42646Out of memory exception when saving PDF as image in Windows 7Exception
PDFNET-42785When PDF converted to PDF_A_1B, a blue color on image is differentBug
PDFNET-42890PDF output corrupted after editingBug
PDFNET-43064Cannot extract all text items from a PDFBug
PDFNET-35721PDF to DOC conversion issueBug
PDFNET-42006PDF to PPTX: white text is missing in resultant PPTXBug
PDFNET-38683PDF to PPTX - Layout issues in resultant fileBug
PDFNET-38623PDF to PPTX: All images on a PDF page are being rendered as a single image in PPTX slideBug

Added APIs:

Method Aspose.PDF.Document.Check(System.Boolean)
Method Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory.CreateDocument
Method Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory.CreateDocument(System.IO.Stream)
Method Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory.CreateDocument(System.IO.Stream,System.String)
Method Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory.CreateDocument(System.String)
Method Aspose.PDF.GroupProcessor.Creators.PdfTypeObjectCreator.CreateExtractor(System.IO.Stream,System.Int32,System.Boolean)
Method Aspose.PDF.GroupProcessor.Creators.PdfTypeObjectCreator.CreateExtractor(System.String,System.String,System.Int32,System.Boolean)
Method Aspose.PDF.GroupProcessor.Creators.PdfTypeObjectCreator.CreateExtractor(System.IO.Stream,System.String,System.Int32,System.Boolean)
Property Aspose.PDF.HtmlSaveOptions.ImageResolution
Property Aspose.PDF.PdfFormatConversionOptions.IccProfileFileName
Property Aspose.PDF.PptxSaveOptions.SlidesAsImages
Property Aspose.PDF.PptxSaveOptions.SeparateImages
Property Aspose.PDF.RenderingOptions.InterpolationHighQuality

Removed APIs

Property Aspose.PDF.Table.ParentTable

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