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This page contains release notes for Aspose.Slides for C++ 20.1

Supported Platforms

  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for Windows (Microsoft Visual C++)
  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for Linux (Clang)


SLIDESCPP-2173Use Aspose.Slides for .NET 20.1 featuresFeature
SLIDESNET-41387Changing default font when saving presentationFeature
SLIDESNET-41601Support of SHA1/1K checksum type for ODP/OTP presentationsEnhancement
SLIDESNET-41605Support of SHA1 key generation algorithm for ODP/OTP presentationsEnhancement
SLIDESNET-41372Descriptive exception message when opening password-protected ODP/OTP presentationsEnhancement
SLIDESCPP-2124ArgumentException on exporting ODP to PPTXBug

Public API Changes

ISaveOptions::set_DefaultRegularFont() and ISaveOptions::get_DefaultRegularFont() methods have been added

A new methods set_DefaultRegularFont()  and get_DefaultRegularFont() have been added to ISaveOptions interface and SaveOptions abstract class.
These methods allow to get or set the default font used instead of all missing fonts during saving presentations to different formats without reloading the presentations with different LoadOptions.

The code snippet below demonstrates saving presentation to Html and Pdf with different default regular font.


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