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You can check the quality of Aspose.Words conversion and view the results online at this link:


About PCL

PCL - Printer Command Language - is a page description language (PDL) developed by Hewlett-Packard as a printer protocol and has become a de facto industry standard. Originally developed for early inkjet printers in 1984, PCL has been released in varying levels for thermal, matrix printer, and page printers.

HP introduced PCL 6 around 1995 with the HP LaserJet 4000 series printers. It consists of:

  • PCL 6 Enhanced: An object-oriented PDL optimized for printing from GUI interfaces such as Windows and compressed to optimize throughput. Formerly known as PCL XL.
  • PCL 6 Standard: Equivalent to PCL 5e or PCL 5c, intended to provide backward compatibility.
  • Font synthesis: Provides scalable fonts, font management and storage of forms and fonts.

PCL in Aspose.Words

Aspose.Words provides support to save the document to PCL format. Aspose.Words can save documents to PCL 6 (PCL 6 Enhanced or PCL XL) format.
PclSaveOptions class can be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the PCL format.

The following code example shows how to save the document to PCL using save options.

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