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This page contains Release Notes for Aspose.XPS for Java 18.10

We at Aspose are honored to announce first version of Aspose.XPS for Java. This release of the API can be used to create, edit and save XPS documents in Java Applications and includes following features:


    • Create and Edit XPS Documents
    • Add or Remove Pages of XPS Documents
    • Work with Canvases, Paths and Glyphs Elements
    • Create vector graphics shapes (Path element) using a set of primitives (elliptical arcs, Bezier curve segments and straight line segments)
    • Create text strings (Glyphs element)
    • Group elements (Canvas element) to manipulate a group as a whole
    • Manipulate the appearance of graphics and text strings
    • Use brushes of different types including solid color brush, image brush, visual brush etc.
    • Specify colors in different color spaces including sRGB, scRGB and any space based on ICC profile
    • Manipulate user intent and device configuration information (print tickets)
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