Aspose.Email for Android via Java 17.10 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-38823 Attachment name jibbrish on Non-Japanese Windows Bug
EMAILNET-38827 MapiMessage.BodyHtml does not return correct value Bug
EMAILNET-38828 Attached Word document in Outlook message is corrupted on Save Bug
EMAILNET-38829 Multi-octet character split across adjacent encoded-word with UTF8 encoding Bug
EMAILNET-38830 Mht empty when converting from msg with SkipInlineImages = true Bug
EMAILNET-38831 Duplicated recipients when saving EML as MHTML Bug
EMAILNET-38833 Content-disposition filename duplicated Bug
EMAILJAVA-34309 Merging PST with sample PST loses Properties of Calendar Bug
EMAILNET-38836 Creating message body from HTML includes header information in output Bug
EMAILNET-38837 Converting EML to HTML resulting in incorrect HTML Bug
EMAILNET-38838 After EML file is opened and re-saved, in output EML file From and Sender are null Bug
EMAILJAVA-34307 Calendar added to PST doesn’t open in MS Outlook Bug
EMAILNET-38842 Wrong attachment name read by API Bug
EMAILJAVA-34310 Start and End Date same for full day event Bug
EMAILJAVA-34314 Some characters garbled while conversion from EMLX to EML Bug