Aspose.Email for Android via Java 18.1 Release Notes


Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-38884 Font changed after setting the html body of email Bug
EMAILNET-38885 Error while retrieving MailMessage.HtmlBodyText Bug
EMAILNET-38887 Calendar EML resaved loses all data Bug
EMAILNET-38889 Inline images become part of attachments collection after removing the signature Bug
EMAILNET-38890 Mapi message body html has invalid namespace declarations in html tag Bug
EMAILNET-38892 From/To not read properly from EML Bug
EMAILNET-38893 Resaving EML to EML loses turns body content into encoding Bug
EMAILNET-38894 Issue saving messages using MapiMessage Bug
EMAILNET-38895 Adding EML to Mbox creates multiple emails in Mbox Bug
EMAILJAVA-34337 While instancing a MailMessage object an exception raises Bug

Added APIs

Class AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes Class ConferenceProperties Field/Enum AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes.eventHangout Field/Enum AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes.eventNamedHangout Field/Enum AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes.hangoutsMeet Field/Enum AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes.NotDefined Method ConferenceProperties.#ctor Property Calendar.getConferenceProperties Property ConferenceProperties.getAllowedConferenceSolutions

Removed APIs

Method AsposeArgumentException.#ctor(String, String) Method AsposeArgumentNullException.#ctor(String, String) Property AsposeArgumentException.getMessage Property AsposeArgumentException.getParamName