Aspose.Email for Android via Java 18.10 Release Notes


Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-33867 Support for Outlook for Mac Data File (.OLM) using Aspose.Email Feature
EMAILJAVA-34432 MapiCalendar and TimeZone Issue with appointment datetime Bug
EMAILJAVA-34448 MapiMessage.setBodyContent() generates exception if string ends with opening angle bracket. Bug
EMAILJAVA-34420 The inconsistent time regarding Mapi property ClientSubmitTime Bug
EMAILJAVA-34441 Unable to read To Email Address from EML file Bug
EMAILJAVA-34449 Copying messages from one PST to another leads to losing attachments of enclosed messages Bug
EMAILNET-39126 When the content-type is message/RFC822, Base64 encoding is not permitted Bug
EMAILNET-39091 Issues with converting meeting requests to MHTML Bug
EMAILJAVA-34428 The message body is missing in the printed output. Bug
EMAILNET-39127 PersonalStorageQueryBuilder Body.Contains() not working for OST File Bug
EMAILNET-39129 The space character separator is missing in the MAPI property Bug
EMAILNET-39132 After EML to MSG conversion, html content does not show correctly Bug
EMAILNET-39138 Email headers are added at the wrong place in HTML Bug
EMAILNET-39139 Accented characters aren’t properly encoded in MapiCalendar object Bug
EMAILNET-39140 After Converting EML to MSG, Appointment Time Shown In Local Time Instead Of UTC Bug
EMAILJAVA-34434 After Converting EML to EMLX, the EMLX file is not showing images associated with message body Bug
EMAILNET-39146 KeyNotFoundException While Splitting a PST Bug
EMAILJAVA-34437 MBX to PST Conversion Issue Bug
EMAILNET-39150 Spanish accents in “From” and “Recipients” is turned into a ? Bug
EMAILNET-39152 FolderInfo.deleteChildItem method call thrown NullPointerException. Bug
EMAILNET-39153 PST modification. System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. Bug

Added APIs

Class OlmFolder Class OlmStorage Field/Enum Aspose.Email.MhtTemplateName.TabField Method OlmFolder.toString Method OlmStorage.#ctor(InputStream) Method OlmStorage.#ctor(String) Method OlmStorage.dispose Method OlmStorage.dispose(boolean) Method OlmStorage.enumerateMessages(OlmFolder) Property OlmFolder.hasMessages Property OlmFolder.getName Property OlmFolder.getSubFolders Property OlmStorage.getFolderHierarchy

Removed APIs