Aspose.Email for Android via Java 19.1 Release Notes


Key Summary Category
EMAILJAVA-34466 Loading and saving VCF contact skips some information. Bug
EMAILNET-39230 No bullets added to the output of HtmlBodyText Bug
EMAILJAVA-34467 MailMessage.load throwing an exception with EML Bug
EMAILNET-39245 Update date in the header using MapiMessage to display in MHTML output Bug
EMAILNET-39252 MSG contact to MHT conversion issue Bug
EMAILJAVA-34480 MapiMessage.fromMailMessage throws exception Bug
EMAILJAVA-34481 Issue while reading Mbox file Bug
EMAILNET-39224 Empty body in a signed MSG Bug
EMAILJAVA-34468 MailMessage to HTML conversion generates wrong HTML format Bug
EMAILNET-39231 Issues with VCF to MSG Conversion Bug
EMAILNET-39232 Issue with duplicate attachment after converting calendar mail Bug
EMAILJAVA-34475 Folder Skipped While Converting PST to MBOX Bug
EMAILNET-39246 MSG to MHTML - non-ASCII characters are transformed to question mark Bug
EMAILNET-39248 The appointment content is improperly encoding Bug
EMAILJAVA-34478 Issue while reading OLM File Bug
EMAILJAVA-34479 MapiMessage.fromMailMessage throws system.exceptions.FormatException Bug
EMAILNET-39262 Aspose.Email IgnoreSmtpAddressCheck does not allow %20 sequence Bug
EMAILJAVA-34483 How to set MapiTask DateCompletion before Start Date Bug
EMAILJAVA-34484 Unable to open EML file with MailMessage Bug
EMAILJAVA-34485 Converting MSG to MHT throws an exception Bug

Added APIs

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Removed APIs

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