Aspose.Email for Java 17.3.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Email for Java is a class library that enables applications to manipulate popular message formats including Microsoft Outlook messages. It also supports communication protocols such as IMAP, SMTP, POP3, and Microsoft Exchange Server. In addition, the API supports working with PST as well as OST file formats.

Features and Improvements

  • Support for email threading
  • Enum/class for possible values of FormatTemplates
Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-35022 Add support for email threading New Feature
EMAILNET-38644 Provide enum or class for FormatTemplates possible values Enhancement
EMAILJava-34230  Render contact information to MHTML Bug
EMAILNET-38622 MSG to HTML: Alignment of table is shifted to right Bug
EMAILNET-38630 Image attachment in eml is corrupted while opening it in Outlook Bug
EMAILNET-38631 ICS extracted from EML contains empty line at the start Bug
EMAILJAVA-34240 ReplyTo collection not read from MSG file (Java) Bug
EMAILNET-38636 ReplyTo collection not read from MSG file Bug
EMAILNET-38638 EML to MSG: Information disturbed in output Bug
EMAILNET-38657 Loading MSG file is slower than 16.10.0 Bug
EMAILNET-38658 Umlauts are broken again on convert to html Bug
EMAILNET-38666 Few attachments not detected in EML Bug
EMAILNET-38623 IMAP and POP3 via NTLM Bug
EMAILNET-38640 EML to HTML raises exception Bug
EMAILNET-38645 NullReferenceException when using OAuth for EWS with Office 365 Bug
EMAILNET-38652 IEWSClient.FetchMessage raises System.IO.EndOfStreamException Bug
EMAILNET-38653 Exception while fetching mail with subject having Apostrophe Bug
EMAILNET-38665 EML raises NotSupportedException for Target framework 2.0 Bug
EMAILNET-38629 Pop3Client.FetchMessage raises Aspose.Email.AsposeArgumentException Bug
EMAILNET-38606 IEWSClient.MoveItem() function raises exception “Item Move Failed” while moving item to other user account Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Email for Java.

Added APIs

Class MthTemplateName Class SSPIException Field/Enum HtmlFormatOptions.DisplayAsOutlook Field/Enum MhtFormatOptions.DisplayAsOutlook Field/Enum MhtFormatOptions.RenderVCardInfo Field/Enum MthTemplateName.ANNIVERSARY Field/Enum MthTemplateName.ATTACHMENTS Field/Enum MthTemplateName.BCC Field/Enum MthTemplateName.BIRTHDAY Field/Enum MthTemplateName.BUSINESS Field/Enum MthTemplateName.BUSINESS_ADDRESS Field/Enum MthTemplateName.BUSINESS_FAX Field/Enum MthTemplateName.CC Field/Enum MthTemplateName.COMPANY Field/Enum MthTemplateName.DATE_TIME Field/Enum MthTemplateName.DEPARTMENT Field/Enum MthTemplateName.EMAIL Field/Enum MthTemplateName.EMAIL_2 Field/Enum MthTemplateName.EMAIL_2_DISPLAY_AS Field/Enum MthTemplateName.EMAIL_3 Field/Enum MthTemplateName.EMAIL_3_DISPLAY_AS Field/Enum MthTemplateName.EMAIL_DISPLAY_AS Field/Enum MthTemplateName.END Field/Enum MthTemplateName.FIRST_NAME Field/Enum MthTemplateName.FROM Field/Enum MthTemplateName.FULL_NAME Field/Enum MthTemplateName.HOME Field/Enum MthTemplateName.HOME_ADDRESS Field/Enum MthTemplateName.IMPORTANCE Field/Enum MthTemplateName.JOB_TITLE Field/Enum MthTemplateName.LAST_NAME Field/Enum MthTemplateName.LOCATION Field/Enum MthTemplateName.MIDDLE_NAME Field/Enum MthTemplateName.MOBILE Field/Enum MthTemplateName.ORGANIZER Field/Enum MthTemplateName.OTHER_ADDRESS Field/Enum MthTemplateName.PAGE_HEADER Field/Enum MthTemplateName.PROFESSION Field/Enum MthTemplateName.RECURRENCE Field/Enum MthTemplateName.RECURRENCE_PATTERN Field/Enum MthTemplateName.REQUIRED_ATTENDEES Field/Enum MthTemplateName.SENT Field/Enum MthTemplateName.SHOW_TIME_AS Field/Enum MthTemplateName.SPOUSE_PARTNER Field/Enum MthTemplateName.START Field/Enum MthTemplateName.SUBJECT Field/Enum MthTemplateName.TO Field/Enum MapiPropertyTag.PR_CONVERSATION_INDEX_TRACKING Method ExchangeMessageInfo.toString Method Pop3Exception.#ctor(String,Object[]) Method SSPIException.#ctor Method SSPIException.#ctor(Exception) Method SSPIException.#ctor(String) Method SSPIException.#ctor(String,Exception) Method SSPIException.#ctor(String,Object[]) Property SSPIException.getErrorCode