Aspose.Email for Java 17.7 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

ID Description Category
EMAILNET-38674 Support paging with MailQuery Enhancement
EMAILJAVA-34280 Get mail size using Aspose.Email While working with Thunderbird (MboxrdStorageReader) Enhancement
EMAILNET-38776 Behavior of API in case of attachment MSG file in TNEF Enhancement
EMAILNET-38766 Read multiple events from a ICS file Enhancement
EMAILNET-38767 Investigate ability to use web service for Exchange 2016 with more earlier versions of Exchange Enhancement
EMAILNET-38772 FolderInfo.GetContents() takes more time Enhancement
EMAILJAVA-34276 Wrong Time (hours) in PST file when created with Aspose.Email Bug
EMAILNET-38757 EML to MSG: Message body is changed Bug
EMAILNET-38758 EML to MSG: Message body formatting is disturbed Bug
EMAILNET-38768 Extra headers added in EML file after loading and saving it on disc Bug
EMAILNET-38769 IEWSClient: GetMailBoxes raises exception Bug
EMAILNET-38777 MapiContact to Contact raises exception Bug
EMAILJAVA-34286 MailMessage.ValidateMessage raises errors for well formed addresses Bug
EMAILNET-38764 Loading an EML file with setting Content-Type:text/calendar in it, throw exception Bug

Added APIs

Class CalendarReader Method CalendarReader.#ctor(InputStream) Method CalendarReader.#ctor(InputStream, AppointmentLoadOptions) Method CalendarReader.#ctor(String) Method CalendarReader.#ctor(String, AppointmentLoadOptions) Method CalendarReader.nextEvent Property CalendarReader.getCurrent

Field/Enum KnownPropertySets.ATTACHMENT Method MapiMessage.load(InputStream, LoadOptions) Method MapiMessage.load(String, LoadOptions) Method PidLidPropertyDescriptor.#ctor(String, String, long, /PropertyDataType/int, UUID) Method PidTagPropertyDescriptor.#ctor(String, String, long, /PropertyDataType/int) Property PropertyDescriptor.getName

Method IEWSClient.getContact(ObjectIdentifier) Method IEWSClient.getContact(ObjectIdentifier, /ExchangeListContactsOptions/int) Method IEWSClient.listMessagesByPage(String, MailQuery, int) Method IEWSClient.listMessagesByPage(String, MailQuery, int, int)

Property MboxStorageReader.getCurrentDataSize

Removed APIs

Property PidNamePropertyDescriptor.getName