Aspose.Email for Java 18.1 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-38610 Create common queue for group and simple operations for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP clients Enhancement
EMAILNET-38884 Font changed after setting the html body of email Bug
EMAILNET-38885 Error while retrieving MailMessage.HtmlBodyText Bug
EMAILNET-38887 Calendar EML resaved loses all data Bug
EMAILNET-38889 Inline images become part of attachments collection after removing the signature Bug
EMAILNET-38890 Mapi message body html has invalid namespace declarations in html tag Bug
EMAILNET-38892 From/To not read properly from EML Bug
EMAILNET-38893 Resaving EML to EML loses turns body content into encoding Bug
EMAILNET-38894 Issue saving messages using MapiMessage Bug
EMAILNET-38895 Adding EML to Mbox creates multiple emails in Mbox Bug
EMAILJAVA-34337 While instancing a MailMessage object an exception raises Bug

Added APIs

Class AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes Class ConferenceProperties Field/Enum AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes.eventHangout Field/Enum AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes.eventNamedHangout Field/Enum AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes.hangoutsMeet Field/Enum AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes.NotDefined Field/Enum Pop3ListFields.All Method ConferenceProperties.#ctor Method ImapClient.beginListMessages(IConnection, String, MailQuery, int, Iterable, AsyncCallback, Object) Method ImapClient.beginListMessages(IConnection, String, long, boolean, Iterable, AsyncCallback, Object) Method ImapClient.listMessages(IConnection, String, long, boolean, Iterable) Method ImapMessageInfoCollection.addRange(Iterable) Method Pop3Client.BeginGetMailboxInfo(IConnection, boolean, AsyncCallback, Object) Method Pop3Client.BeginListMessages(IConnection, /Pop3ListFields/int, boolean, MailQuery, AsyncCallback, Object) Method Pop3Client.ListMessages(IConnection, /Pop3ListFields/int, boolean, MailQuery) Property Calendar.getConferenceProperties Property ConferenceProperties.getAllowedConferenceSolutions

Removed APIs

Method AsposeArgumentException.#ctor(String, String) Method AsposeArgumentNullException.#ctor(String, String) Property AsposeArgumentException.getMessage Property AsposeArgumentException.getParamName