Aspose.Email for Java 18.8 Release Notes


Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-38848 Update member in a PST distribution list (DL) and append another DL to an existing Enhancement
EMAILNET-39070 EWS:Create contact in Sub-Folder of Contacts Enhancement
EMAILNET-39035 Support for adding attachment to MapiCalendarExceptionInfo Enhancement
EMAILJAVA-34411 Creating MapiMessage using MapiMessage.fromMailMessage gets stuck Bug
EMAILNET-39053 Aspose.Email reads message body as second attachment Bug
EMAILNET-39063 Wrong CC field after save and reload the message Bug
EMAILNET-39065 Resaving EML turns Japanese language to garbage Bug
EMAILNET-39066 Opening PST file raises error Bug
EMAILNET-39068 Html is added as inline to MapiMEssage Bug
EMAILNET-39069 EML to MSG disturbs output Bug
EMAILNET-39071 MHT to MSG embeds header information in message body Bug
EMAILNET-39072 IEWSClient always returns UTF8 Encoding for Message.BodyEncoding Bug
EMAILNET-39074 Updating MSG BodyHtml doesn’t change description in Outlook View Pane Bug
EMAILNET-39075 Sender Type changed from Exchange to SMTP Bug
EMAILNET-39077 The output message text content is unexpectedly concatenated on couple places Bug
EMAILNET-39079 Invalid ContentUnreadCount value after splitInto() Bug
EMAILNET-38993 Task start date/time set to UTC instead of local time Bug

Added APIs

Field/Enum MapiPropertyTag.PR_EXCEPTION_ENDTIME Field/Enum MapiPropertyTag.PR_EXCEPTION_REPLACETIME Field/Enum MapiPropertyTag.PR_EXCEPTION_STARTTIME Method IEWSClient.createContact(String, MapiContact) Method IEWSClient.createContact(String, Contact) Method FolderInfo.updateMessage(String, MapiMessageItemBase) Property MapiCalendarExceptionInfo.getAttachments, setAttachments