Aspose.Email for Java 19.7 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-39516 Count the number of items in OLM folder New Feature
EMAILNET-39499 Support for document conversion progress New Feature
EMAILNET-39524  Get emails from Zimbra New Feature
EMAILJAVA-34562 Support for TLS 1.2 with Sockets Layer version 2 New Feature
EMAILNET-39519 API hangs on converting MSG to MHTML Bug
EMAILJAVA-34563 Formatting issue in MSG to MHT conversion Bug
EMAILNET-39514 Message item having ICS file as attachment being incorrectly recognized as appointment Bug
EMAILNET-39520 HtmlBodyText returns tag values that are not displayed in the email Bug
EMAILNET-39525 Attachment ‘unavailable’ on iPhone 6, iPhone XR, and others (Mail 19.6) Bug
EMAILNET-39512 Argument Exception while reading EML file Bug
EMAILNET-39529 MapiMessage.IsMsgFormat() throws an exception Bug
EMAILNET-39530 An exception is thrown when extracting a message from PST to stream Bug
EMAILNET-39523 Method MailMessage.Body gives incorrect output for mail headers Bug
EMAILJAVA-34561 MailMessage.checkSignature() method raises exception for detached signature Bug

Added APIs

Class    ConversionProgressEventHandler Class    ProgressEventHandlerInfo Class    ProgressEventType Class    TgzReader Field/Enum    ProgressEventType.MimePartSaved Field/Enum    ProgressEventType.MimeStructureCreated Field/Enum    ProgressEventType.SavedToStream Method    MapiMessage.addCustomProperty(/MapiPropertyType/int,byte[],String) Method    MapiMessage.getCustomProperties Method    ProgressEventHandlerInfo.#ctor Method    TgzReader.#ctor(String) Method    TgzReader.dispose Method    TgzReader.exportTo(String) Method    TgzReader.readNextMessage Method    EmailClient.setSocketsLayerVersion2(boolean) Property    MapiConversionOptions.getCustomProgressHandler, setCustomProgressHandler Property    ProgressEventHandlerInfo.getEventType, setEventType Property    ProgressEventHandlerInfo.getSavedMimePartCount, setSavedMimePartCount Property    ProgressEventHandlerInfo.getTotalMimePartCount, setTotalMimePartCount Property    SaveOptions.getCustomProgressHandler, setCustomProgressHandler Property    OlmFolder.getMessageCount Property    TgzReader.getCurrentDirectory Property    TgzReader.getCurrentMessage

Removed APIs

No Changes