Aspose.Email for Java 20.12 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-40000 Support for Time Format and TimeZone setting in HTMLSaveoptions Feature
EMAILNET-40008 Yearly Recurrence Not Finding All Instances Bug
EMAILNET-40013 Missing Attachments Info on Printed MSG Bug
EMAILNET-39978 Aspose email gives an error but we do not understand what is wrong Bug
EMAILNET-39980 Cancel Appointment Outlook Bug
EMAILNET-39997 After Save extracted email having the margin issue in Aspose Bug
EMAILJAVA-34776 Stream-based API for email storage formats (PST/Mbox) Enhancement
EMAILJAVA-34770 Special characters breaking in appointments Bug
EMAILJAVA-34772 Wrong version release date when loading license Bug

New Features

Time Format and TimeZone Setting in HTMLSaveoptions

Now you can set the time and timezone display formats in HTMLSaveoptions.

The following API has been added:

  • HeadersFormattingOptions - Allows to specify headers formatting options when saving MailMessage to Mhtml or Html format.
  • HtmlFormatOptions.RenderCalendarEvent - Indicates that text from calendar event should be written in output html.
  • HtmlFormatOptions.RenderVCardInfo - Indicates that text from VCard AlternativeView should be written in output html.

Code sample:

MailMessage msg = MailMessage.load("fileName");
HtmlSaveOptions options = new HtmlSaveOptions();
options.getFormatTemplates().set_Item(MhtTemplateName.DATE_TIME, "MM d yyyy HH:mm tt");