Aspose.Email for Java 22.6 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Category
EMAILJAVA-35052 SendGrid client implementation Feature
EMAILJAVA-35051 Mailgun clients implementation Feature
EMAILNET-40606 Extract DTSTAMP from PST and save as ICS changes DTSTAMP to current timestamp Enhancement
EMAILNET-40611 POP client does not AUTH automatically if CAPA command is not supported Bug
EMAILNET-40620 Word to EML conversion generate body content as attachment Bug
EMAILNET-40622 Formatting not retained for DOCX as body Bug
EMAILNET-40612 VCardContactSave omits data after resaving VCF Bug
EMAILNET-40613 Questionmarks when loaded FromMailMessage Bug
EMAILJAVA-35066 PDF conversion issue from EML Bug

New Features

Working with MailGun and SendGrid delivery services

We’ve added the ability to send messages using MailGun or SendGrid services. We have created a unified API, so the first thing is to initialize options depending on which service is going to be used for sending messages.

MailGun client options.

String domain = "YOUR_MAILGUN_DOMEN";
MailgunClientOptions opt = new MailgunClientOptions();

SendGrid client options.

SendGridClientOptions opt = new SendGridClientOptions();

Then, call the required client instance using the builder.

IDeliveryServiceClient client = DeliveryServiceClientFactory.get(opt);

Finally, prepare and send an email message.

MailMessage eml = new MailMessage("fromAddress", "toAddress", "subject", "body");

DeliveryServiceResponse resp = client.send(eml);

if (!resp.isSuccessful()) {
    for (String error : resp.getErrorMessages()) {

New Enhancements

Extracting calendar item from PST and save as ICS with original timestamp.

Changes in public API:

MapiCalendarIcsSaveOptions - Allows to specify additional options when saving MapiCalendar to Ics format. MapiCalendarIcsSaveOptions.setKeepOriginalDateTimeStamp - Allows keep original DateTimeStamp value in output file.

Code samples:

MapiCalendar cal = (MapiCalendar) pst.extractMessage(messageInfo).toMapiMessageItem();

if (cal != null) {
    MapiCalendarIcsSaveOptions so = new MapiCalendarIcsSaveOptions();
    so.setKeepOriginalDateTimeStamp(true);"cal.ics", so);