Working with MapiCalendar

Aspose.Email’s MapiCalendar class provides methods and attributes that set various properties of a calendar item.

Create and Save Calendar Items

The following code sample shows creating and saving a calendar item in ICS format.

Save the Calendar Item as ICS

Add Display Reminder to a Calendar

Add Audio Reminder to a Calendar

Get Recipient Status from MapiCalendar

Convert Appointment EML to MSG with HTML Body

Since version 19.3, Aspose.Email provides the ability to convert Appointment EML to MSG while retaining the HTML body of the appointment. Aspose.Email provides a MapiConversionOptions.ForcedRtfBodyForAppointment property which has a default value of true. When the value of MapiConversionOptions.ForcedRtfBodyForAppointment is set to true, the appointment body is converted to RTF format. To keep the appointment body format in HTML format, set the value of MapiConversionOptions.ForcedRtfBodyForAppointment to false.

The following example demonstrates the use of MapiConversionOptions.ForcedRtfBodyForAppointment property to keep the appointment body format in HTML format.