Aspose.Email for .NET 18.9 Release Notes


Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-39091 Issues with converting meeting requests to MHTML Bug
EMAILNET-39081 Multiple issues with MapiContact modification Bug
EMAILNET-39094 Date header returns wrong date when read from some MSG files Bug
EMAILNET-39096 Loading FileStream in MailMessage is taking a long time Bug
EMAILNET-39098 Setting MhtSaveOptions.SaveAttachments to “false” removes attachment names from the generated mhtml Bug
EMAILNET-39099 Organizer cannot accept the time proposed by attendee Bug
EMAILNET-39100 Attachment corrupted when converting PST to MSG using PersonalStorage.SaveMessageToStream Bug
EMAILNET-39101 The email attachment name becomes blank in MHTML output Bug
EMAILNET-39102 A Linefeed at the beginning of messageID causes imapclient.ListMessages() to throw an exception Bug
EMAILNET-39111 The subject isn’t properly normalized after loading EML message Bug
EMAILNET-39113 Email sent using MailMessage configured .msg is missing Text Formatting and missing Images from body of the email Bug
EMAILNET-39114 The retrieved delivery time isn’t correct Bug
EMAILNET-39118 Text Missing While Using mapiMessage.ToMailMessage API Bug
EMAILNET-39119 FetchItem method throws a null reference exception Bug
EMAILNET-39120 Email to mhtml to png fails with the latest version - Infinite Loop Error Bug
EMAILNET-39123 The Mapi message isn’t properly saved to MSG format Bug

Added APIs

Removed APIs