Aspose.Email for .NET 19.6 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-39488 Exception on Mapi message Bug
EMAILNET-39501 Cannot add outlook item as an embedded attachment in MapiTask Bug
EMAILNET-39297 Exception on creating PST folder Bug
EMAILNET-39500 CLS Compliance of Aspose.Email Bug
EMAILNET-39495 System.NotSupportedException when parsing MSG file Bug
EMAILNET-39472 The new line character is missing in output MHT files Bug
EMAILNET-39510 Exception on loading EML file Bug
EMAILNET-39496 Argument Exception while reading OLM file Bug
EMAILNET-39497 Exception on converting EML to PST Bug
EMAILNET-39424 Issue while reading clear signed embedded message with MapiMessage from PST file Bug
EMAILNET-39292 Missing RTF images Bug
EMAILNET-39238 Exception while loading partial EMLX Bug
EMAILNET-39502 Exception on converting MSG to MHTML Bug
EMAILNET-39487 Exception on extracting messages from PST Bug
EMAILNET-39504 HtmlBodyText returns malformed URL text Bug
EMAILNET-39503 After saving an EML file twice, the second output has an issue Bug
EMAILNET-39479 Failed to read messages from MBOX file Bug
EMAILNET-39480 MSG to EML conversion issue Bug
EMAILNET-39508 Exception on loading EML file Bug

Added APIs

Method Aspose.Email.MailMessage.GetHtmlBodyText(System.Boolean) Property Aspose.Email.IMessage.CC

Removed APIs

Property Aspose.Email.IMessage.Cc