Aspose.Email for .NET 20.11 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-39718 Implement autodiscover service client on .NET Core Feature
EMAILNET-39966 IEWSClient SortOrder support Feature
EMAILNET-39967 MSG to MHTML results in output with no body Enhancement
EMAILNET-39976 EML file has incorrect attachments count, attachments not rendered to MTHML Bug
EMAILNET-39963 GetHtmlBodyText does not honor CSS styles Bug
EMAILNET-39956 Setting MapiTask category doesn’t work Bug
EMAILNET-39960 Add MSG to PST Exception. “An element with the same key already exists” Bug
EMAILNET-39975 Item category in PST does not work doesn’t work Bug
EMAILNET-39965 “Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow” exception when enumerating messages in licensed mode Bug
EMAILNET-39969 GetContents(start, count) throws exception for some starting offsets Bug

New Features

Autodiscover service client on .NET Core

.NET Core version of Aspose.Email now supports AutodiscoverService. Find usage examples here.

Retrieve Exchange items with an ascending/descending order sorting

We’ve added sorting feature to MailQueryBuilder.

The following API has been added:

  • Aspose.Email.Tools.Search.ComparisonField.OrderBy(bool ascending) - sets the value which indicates if the client uses ascending or descending sorting on the search field.

Code sample:

MailQueryBuilder builder = new MailQueryBuilder();
builder.InternalDate.Since(new DateTime(2020, 1, 1));
builder.Subject.OrderBy(true); // sort the subject ascending
builder.InternalDate.OrderBy(false); // sort the date descending  

ExchangeMessageInfoCollection miColl = client.ListMessages(client.MailboxInfo.InboxUri, builder.GetQuery());