Aspose.Email for .NET 21.2 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-40088 Improve Imap.ThreadGrCommand to get threads list for GMail Enhancement
EMAILNET-40084 Error loading folder by its EntryIdString Enhancement
EMAILNET-40055 Getting modified date OPFMessageCopyModDate for message in OLM Enhancement
EMAILNET-40075 Aspose.Email failed with exception when deployed in UWP Project Bug
EMAILNET-40107 Body Text of MSG File looks different from how it looks in Outlook Bug
EMAILNET-40115 The ContentID cannot contain a ‘<’ or ‘>’ character Bug
EMAILNET-39978 Aspose email gives an error on using Bug
EMAILNET-40043 Outlook Task / TaskRequest in EML format shows MessageClass as “IPM.Note” Bug
EMAILNET-40093 EML loading is getting stuck Bug
EMAILNET-40063 Fix IEWSClient.CreateNote method Bug
EMAILNET-40085 Fix IEWSClient.UpdateContact method Bug
EMAILNET-40128 Wrong inline attachment name after EML to MSG conversion Bug
EMAILNET-40125 MailMessage.HtmlBodyText in Aspose.Email 17.9 and Aspose.Email 20.10 Bug

New Enhancements

Getting Message Modified Date in OLM

An OlmMessageInfo.ModifiedDate property has been added to get the message modified date.

Code sample:

foreach (OlmMessageInfo messageInfo in inboxFolder.EnumerateMessages())
   DateTime modifiedDate = messageInfo.ModifiedDate;