Aspose.Email for .NET 22.4 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Category
EMAILNET-40511 Mailgun clients implementation Feature
EMAILNET-40512 SendGrid client implementation Feature
EMAILNET-40564 Provide correct Description of Appointment regardless of the order of properties Description and IsDescriptionHtml. Enhancement
EMAILNET-40563 Imap connectivity issue with Aspose.Email v22.2 Bug
EMAILNET-40578 Attachment name for non ASCII character is incorrect after EML to TXT conversion Bug
EMAILNET-40588 Performance issue while loading EML messages Bug
EMAILNET-40585 Issue with To and From emails while loading MSG with MsgLoadOptions Bug
EMAILNET-40580 Application hangs while ListFolders by Graph client. Bug
EMAILNET-40566 MSG cannot open with x64 mode and throws exception with x86 Bug
EMAILNET-40579 IMAP System.FormatException is thrown by Client.FetchMessage Bug
EMAILNET-40573 Regression: An appointment extracted (.msg) from PST cannot open in Outlook 2016 Bug
EMAILNET-40572 Regression: Messages extracted from a PST have additional bits in their Subject Bug

New Features

Working with MailGun and SendGrid delivery services

We’ve added the ability to send messages using MailGun or SendGrid services. We have created a unified API, so the first thing is to initialize options depending on which service is going to be used for sending messages.

MailGun client options.

string domain = "YOUR_MAILGUN_DOMEN";
var opt = new MailgunClientOptions { Domain = domain, ApiKey = privApiKey };

SendGrid client options.

var opt = new SendGridClientOptions { ApiKey = privApiKey };

Then, call the required client instance using the builder.

IDeliveryServiceClient client = DeliveryServiceClientFactory.Get(opt);

Finally, prepare and send an email message.

MailMessage eml = new MailMessage(fromAddress, toAddress, subject, body);

var resp = client.Send(eml);

if (!resp.Successful)
    foreach (var error in resp.ErrorMessages)

There is also an asynchronous version of the Send method.

MailMessage eml = new MailMessage(fromAddress, toAddress, subject, body);

var sendTask = client.SendAsync(eml);

if (!sendTask.Result.Successful)
    foreach (var error in sendTask.Result.ErrorMessages)

Changes in the setting of the X-ALT-DESC header in ICS file

We introduced a separate HtmlDescription property instead of the IsDescriptionHtml property to set the X-ALT-DESC header.

var appointment = new Appointment("Bygget 83",
    DateTime.UtcNow, // start date
    DateTime.UtcNow.AddHours(1), // end date
    new MailAddress("", "Tintin Strom"), // organizer
    new MailAddress("", "Aina Martensson")) // attendee
    HtmlDescription = @"
     <style type=""text/css"">
      .text {
             font-family:'Comic Sans MS';
     <p class=""text"">Hi, I'm happy to invite you to our party.</p>