Uninstalling Aspose.Email for SharePoint License

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To uninstall the Aspose.Email for SharePoint license, use the server console or SharePoint 2010 Management Shell:

  1. Retract the license solution from the farm:

  stsadm.exe -o retractsolution -name Aspose.Email.SharePoint2010.License.wsp -immediate

  1. Execute administrative timer jobs to complete the retraction immediately:

 stsadm.exe -o execadmsvcjobs

  1. Wait for the retraction to complete. Use Central Administration to check if the retraction completed:
    1. Under Central Administration, select Operations and then Solution Management.
  2. Remove the solution from the SharePoint solution store:

 stsadm.exe -o deletesolution -name Aspose.Email.SharePoint2010.License.wsp