Convert Type1 | API Solution for C++

In this article, you will see how to convert Type 1 format. Aspose.Font for C++ offers you solutions for conversion Type 1 to TTF, Type 1 to WOFF, and Type 1 to WOFF2.

Reach How to convert the font into the desired format? chapter to see about the Aspose conversion fundamentals.

Convert Type1 to TTF | WOFF | WOFF2

Fulfill the actions written below to transform Type one to True Type Font:

  1. Open Type1 font.
  2. Apply the output settings for the Type1 font.
  3. Fulfill the conversion.

For getting more examples of using the solution go to the Aspose.Font.Examples.CPP.sln solution, in the cpp-examples of the Aspose.Font Documentation Github repository.

Aspose also offers you a free online Font Conversion application where you can try the existing functionality.

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