Working with CFF Fonts | API Solution for C++

As it is considered, Compact Font Format CFF is not exactly a format but rather the way to compress other font formats. This integration allows OpenType fonts to benefit from both the compactness of CFF and the scalability of TrueType. They are widely used in professional publishing workflows and are commonly found in PostScript printers and PostScript-compatible RIPs (Raster Image Processors) for high-quality print output.

CFF fonts provide efficient storage, high-quality rendering, and advanced typographic features for professional print and publishing applications. They offer a compact representation of PostScript fonts, allowing for precise control and scalability in typography.

Aspose.Font for C++ API lets you work with CFF fonts in your C++ applications. Here are some manipulations covered by the Documentation:

The functionality for working with CFF fonts within Aspose.Font API for C++ is covered with the next namespaces:

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